Homeroom Brings Private Photo Sharing To The Classroom

The makers of the private photo-sharing app Cluster have been experimenting with spinning off the service’s technology into different verticals in recent days, including apps designed for doc

Mobile Photo Sharing App Cluster Now Focused On Private Groups, Adds Support For Video, Notes And Tablets

Mobile photo-sharing application Cluster, one of the better-designed apps for creating albums which can be shared with and collaborated on with friends, is rolling out several significant changes t

Screenshotter Is A Simple Tool For Organizing Mobile Screenshots

As a tech reporter who spends a lot of time covering new mobile applications, I tend to have a fairly large collection of app screenshots on my iPhone, which can be difficult to organize and search th

How To Run Live User Testing, Part 3: The Debrief

We've focused on getting the tests setup, which includes deciding on a specific thing to test, when and where to conduct the user study and what type of users to study. We then covered actually runnin

How To Run Live User Testing, Part 2: Test Day

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about getting user tests set up, which includes deciding on a specific thing to test, deciding when and where to conduct the user study, deciding what type of users t

How To Run Live User Testing, Part 1: Setup

At Cluster, we’re big fans of iteration and experimentation. Since we launched publicly in February 2013, we have rapidly iterated the product on both iOS and Android. In the first eight weeks of be

Cluster Brings Simple Group Photo-Sharing To Android

Photo-sharing app <a target="_blank" href="">Cluster</a>, which this summer <a href="

Photo-Sharing App Cluster Snags Instagram Seed Investor Steve Anderson & Others To Lead $1.6M Round, Launches Version 1.0

Cluster, a mobile photo-sharing app which helps users collaborate on albums with their friends, is today announcing $1.6 million in seed funding in a round led by early Instagram investor Steve Ander

Newly Redesigned Cluster Makes Photo Sharing Among Small Groups Simpler, More Personal

Despite the ubiquity of smartphones and the insane number of photos we now save and share, surprisingly, no one has yet to figure out how to shift more personal and private photo-sharing away from o

Group Photo Sharing Is A Fustercluck, But It Doesn’t Have To Be With Cluster

New photo-sharing app Cluster is focused on sharing photos with one's friends and family after a shared experience. Just like its namesake, the idea behind the app is to create a "cluster" of photos,