EMC Cloudscaling Purchase Is One More Attempt To Stay Relevant

While rumors have been flying that EMC has been trying to execute a merger with fellow computing giant HP, it threw a bit of a curve this week when it bought cloud startup Cloudscaling. Just when you

Scale Out Provider Cloudscaling Raises $10M With Investment From Juniper And Seagate, Networking Takes Center Stage

Cloudscaling has raised $10 million from Trinity Ventures, Juniper Networks, and Seagate Technologies in a deal that shows how software defined networking has become a focal issue for companies buildi

Big Switch Raises $6.5M From Intel Capital, Gains Attention For Next Generation Networking, Challenges Cisco

<a target="_blank" href="">Big Switch Networks</a>, the software defined networking company making a play on Cisco's turf, has raised $6.5 million from Intel Capital. he investmen

It’s Not Just HP And Autonomy, The Enterprise Software Space Is A Giant Stinking Mess

The enterprise software space is a giant stinking mess. And it's going to get even messier if the vendors don't start embracing the new spirit of collaboration and social technologies that represent t

Why VCs Will Continue To Invest In Big Data Startups For Many Years To Come

This week,<a target="_blank" href=""> Splice Machine</a> raised $4 million to develop its SQL Engine for big data apps.<a target="_blank" href="