RIP: Cloudbook maker, Everex 2008 – 2009

<img src="">The <a href="">Cloudbook</a> by Everex: It was one of <a href="http

Cloudbook turning Japanese, gets touchscreen and XP

On March 22nd, Everex will be releasing its Eee-like Cloudbook in Japan. Unlike the Cloudbook available here in the US, the Japanese version has a front-mounted trackpad (instead of up in the corner),

Cloudbook launches on Wal-Mart's website

[photopress:cloudbook.jpg,full,center] Did you hear that? That was the sound of the Everex Cloudbook finally hitting. We’d heard rumors of it being delayed until at least March, but Wal-Mart has

Everex CloudBook delayed again until mid-March?

Those of you waiting for tomorrow — when the Cloudbook is supposed to be available at fine retailers like Walmart — might want to prepare yourselves for a longer wait…again. Already

CloudBook unboxed and riddled with problems [Update]

Our pals over at Laptop got their mitts on the CloudBook and they’ve run into two major problems. I guess it’s three, but they’re only reporting on two. They can’t even get it

Everex Cloudbook: The Motion Picture

The video’s about on the same level of quality as Heidi Montag’s new music video, but considerably sexier. Well, maybe. In any case, it doesn’t give you the sense of how compact the

Everex delays CloudBook until end of February

There’s no joy in Mudville as Everex has delayed its $399 Linux-based ultraportable notebook (specs here) until February. It was supposed to be released yesterday and, sure, February’s les

Everex prepping a 9-inch sub-$500 notebook too

I caught word from the VIA rep at CES that Everex would be offering a 7-inch Linux-based notebook at Walmart and then Nicholas followed up with the official word. Now we’re hearing that Everex w

Everex Cloudbook: Ultra-mobile, Green & Linux

[photopress:everex_cloudbook_CE1200V.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Everex Cloudbook Description: An “ultra-mobile” PC that runs on gOS Rocket Price: $399 In-store date: January 25 (at Wal