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All of Google’s cloud database services are now out of beta

Google is making a number of announcements around its Cloud Platform today. Most of these focus on its various cloud database services, but the company is also making a major update to its low-cost N

Google Launches Faster, More Flexible Version Of Its Cloud SQL Database Service

Cloud SQL, Google’s fully managed MySQL database service on its Cloud Platform, is getting a major upgrade today with the beta launch of version two of the service. The original Cloud SQL launch

Google Cloud Platform Expands To Asia Pacific With 2 New Compute Engine Zones

The Asia-Pacific market is quickly becoming a battleground for cloud computing vendors. Amazon has always been very active in the region. Microsoft is investing heavily there and made Azure generally

Google’s Cloud SQL Hits General Availability, Gets An SLA, Encryption And Support For Larger Databases

After two-and-a-half years in preview, Google's Cloud SQL, the company's fully managed MySQL database service, has now hit general availability. As with most Google services that hit this milestone

Google Launches Cloud SQL API To Allow Developers To Manage Their Databases Programmatically

Google's Cloud Platform has long featured Cloud SQL, a zero-maintenance MySQL database that's hosted on Google's cloud platform. What it didn't offer was an API to easily manage these databases withou