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Startup Battlefield winner Render raises $50M series B led by Bessemer Venture Partners

Cloud platform startup Render closed a $50 million series B round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Additional participation in the round includes General Catalyst, South Park Common Fund, and Additio

Oracle launches its ‘sovereign cloud’ for EU customers

Oracle is formally launching its EU Sovereign Cloud for customers in the European Union (EU) today, nearly a year after first revealing plans for the initiative. So-called digital sovereignty has eme

For startups, how many clouds to use may be the wrong question to ask

It appears the cloud strategy to follow is heavily dependent on a startup's compute load and what it aims to achieve.

Choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: A beginner’s guide

It's essential to analyze the tools available before you decide on a cloud infrastructure provider to keep application maturity and running costs in check.

TechCrunch+ roundup: New success metrics, M&A timeline, 5 cloud trends for 2023

Every founder I’ve ever worked with was absolutely, completely convinced that they could build and scale a company.

5 cloud trends to track in 2023

From AI and ML to bespoke solutions, cloud technology is on track to expand into more areas than ever in 2023 as adoption increases.

Is the modern data stack just old wine in a new bottle?

The rules are being rewritten on how data will be used for competitive advantage, and it won’t be long before the winners emerge.

Beyond cost control: Where cloud management is going next

Having noticed tailwinds for B2B startups that offer cloud cost-optimization solutions, we were curious to know where VCs thought the space was headed.

Why startups are better off prioritizing growth instead of optimizing cloud costs

As Zetta Ventures managing director Jocelyn Goldfein put it, the math needs to make sense if you're prioritizing cost cuts over growth.

Could machine learning refresh the cloud debate?

If you had a sense of déjà vu this week when David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) announced that Basecamp's and Hey's parent company 37Signals was leaving the cloud, you are not alone.

5 cloud investors illustrate the various paths ahead for startups

Cloud cost optimization startups have found a friendly ear in enterprise clients looking to cut costs. Should younger startups follow suit?

TechCrunch+ roundup: PLG and enterprise sales, SaaS pricing strategy, OPT options

After staging our first TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in three years, Slack is much quieter than usual this morning.

On cloud platforms and SME antitrust complaints

End-to-end encrypted email provider Tutanota finally got a fix last month from Microsoft for a registration issue that had affected users who were trying to sign up to the tech giant’s cloud-bas

Dig scoops up $34M to tackle the fragmented world of cloud data security

In 2022, the amount of corporate data stored in the cloud (versus on-premise servers) reached 60%, a signal of how the world of enterprise IT is evolving. But lest you think that cloud=modern=more eff

Surviving the SaaS tsunami: Optimize your tech stack to reduce risk and free up cash flow

The SaaS buying sprees of 2020 and 2021 have led to tech-stack fatigue, and IT departments are feeling the pressure of managing a complex and diverse set of tools and justifying ROI.

Cloudera launches its all-in-one SaaS data lakehouse

Cloudera, the Hadoop-centric big data company that IPO’d in 2017 and then went private again in a $5.3 billion deal in 2021, is now putting its emphasis on becoming the unified data fabric for h

Google Cloud will shutter its IoT Core service next year

Google Cloud announced this week that it’s shutting down its IoT Core service, giving customers a year to move to a partner to manage their IoT devices. The announcement appeared at the top of the I

DriveNets connects with $262M as demand booms for its cloud-based alternative to network routers

Internet usage continues to skyrocket, with 29.3 billion networked devices projected to be in use by 2023 and the growth rate currently at around 10%. Today, an enterprise startup called DriveNets tha

Oracle now monitoring TikTok’s algorithms and moderation system for manipulation by China’s government

Oracle has begun auditing TikTok’s algorithms and content moderation models, according to a new report from Axios out this morning. Those reviews began last week, and follow TikTok’s June

Not to jinx it, but SaaS valuations appear to be staging a recovery

We can infer from the data that not only are SaaS multiples recovering, but double-digit revenue multiples are back, baby!
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