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Pivotal has something for everyone in the latest Cloud Foundry Platform release

Pivotal wants to be the development platform that serves everyone, and today at their SpringOne Platform (S1P) developer conference in San Francisco, they announced a huge upgrade to their Pivotal Clo

New Cloud Foundry project helps its developers run their cloud apps on their laptops

Writing applications for large cloud-based platforms often means that you, as a developer, write your code, push it to a development environment in the cloud, test it, and then do it all over again as

Cloud Foundry adds native Kubernetes support for running containers

Cloud Foundry, the open-source platform as a service (PaaS) offering, has become somewhat of a de facto standard in the enterprise for building and managing applications in the cloud or in their own

Microsoft joins the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation

Microsoft today announced that it is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the non-profit behind the open source Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service project that’s currently in use by about half

Cloud Foundry launches its developer certification program

Cloud Foundry, a massive open source project that allows enterprises to host their own platform-as-a-service for running cloud applications in their own data center or in a public cloud, today announc

Google joins the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation

Google is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Gold member. To be fair, this doesn’t necessarily come as a major surprise, especially given that Google recently hired the foundation&#821

SUSE buys HPE’s OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets

SUSE, which probably is best known for its Linux distribution, has long been a quiet but persistent player in the OpenStack ecosystem. Over the last few months, though, the German company has also em

Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji departs for Google

Sam Ramji, the founding CEO of the open-source platform as a service Cloud Foundry Foundation, is joining Google in a yet-to-be-disclosed executive role. Abby Kearns, the current VP of Industry at t

Cloud Foundry launches its new Docker-compatible container management system

Cloud Foundry, the Pivotal- and VMware-incubated open source platform-as-a-service project, is going all in on its new Diego container management system. For a while now, the project used what it call

ClusterHQ Raises $12M Series A Round To Expand Its Container Data Management Service

ClusterHQ today announced that it has raised a $12 million Series A round led by Accel Partners London, with participation from Canaan Partners and existing investors. The company may not be a hous

Cloud Foundry Foundation Launches With Support From Over 40 Companies

OpenStack, one of the largest open-source enterprise projects around, made a bit of a splash last year. With Cloud Foundry, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service OpenStack project also has a counterpart in

AppDirect Raises $9M And Acquires Standing Cloud, An App Packaging Company

AppDirect has raised $9 million and is announcing the purchase of Standing Cloud, a Foundry Group investment. iNovIa Capital led the Series B investment, which brings the app marketplace's total inves

IBM Standardizes On Cloud Foundry, The Open-Source Developer Platform

IBM is getting into the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market by standardizing on<a target="_blank" href=""> Cloud Foundry</a>, originally developed by VMware and

It’s Official, EMC’s Paul Maritz To Lead Cloud and Big Data Platform Play With 1,400 Employees Under His Command

It's official, after weeks of a rumored change, EMC and VMware have announced this morning the "Pivotal Initiative," a cloud and big data play that will be led by Chief Strategy Officer Paul Maritz.

Paul Maritz To Lead New Group At EMC That Merges Greenplum With VMware’s Cloud Foundry, SpringSource, And Gemstome

Paul Maritz will lead a new platform group that will combine VMware's <a target="_blank" href="">Cloud Foundry</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Spring

VMware Gets A New Boss – Paul Maritz Turns Over Job To EMC COO Pat Gelsinger

Paul Maritz turned over the job of VMware CEO to EMC's COO Pat Gelsinger on stage at <a target="_blank" href="">VMworld</a> today.  It's a move long expected that tells us more abou

4 Questions For Intel About The Open Cloud And The Changing World Of IT

Services (AWS); Citrix via the now open source Cloudstack; OpenStack and a host of companies such as ManageIQ that are specializing in developing environments specifically tuned for enterprises to abs

AppFog Wants To Do For Developer Platforms What Google Did For EMail

<a target="_blank" href="">AppFog</a> is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider that wants to do for developer platforms what Google did for GMail. GMail launched in 2004 by

VMware CEO Paul Maritz Named EMC’s Chief Strategist – Next Job CEO?

As expected, <a target="_blank" href="">EMC</a> shuffled the deck today. It named COO Pat Gelsinger as the new <a target="_blank" href="">VMware</a> CEO, replaci

Paul Maritz Out As VMware CEO And Mentioned As Candidate For Top Spot At EMC Or Cloud Foundry Spin Off

Paul Maritz is out as the CEO of VMware and will be replaced by EMC COO Pat Gelsinger. Maritz spent four years at VMware. It's uncertain what he will do but rumors have swirled all day about about
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