Cloud Engines

  • You Can Now Turn Your Own Computer Into A Pogoplug

    Pogoplug is today releasing new software that basically turns any PC or Mac into a Pogoplug device, no additional hardware required. The software could be useful to stream pictures, music or movies to another computer or a mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.), and since multiple devices can be linked to a single account, you can access files from any of them individually or see all… Read More

  • Meet the PogoPlug Pro

    Since it’s launch, the PogoPlug has been an interesting little NAS device. The PogoPlug software has been continually updated with new features. There’s a vibrant developer community. And, most interestingly to me, the PogoPlug does not try to hide the fact that it runs Linux; indeed, they even tell you how to SSH into the thing! The recently released business-oriented PogoPlug… Read More