cloud cost optimization

Xonai looks to reduce cloud bills by optimizing data infrastructure

There are many companies out there looking at how to reduce your cloud bills by eliminating waste, or finding more cost-effective ways of doing the same job. Xonai, an early-stage startup, is taking a

Antimetal is putting AI to work to root out cloud cost inefficiencies

One constant theme we’ve been hearing from the big cloud infrastructure vendors this year is helping customers increase the efficiency of their cloud spend. Cloud bills have grown enormously as comp

Beyond cost control: Where cloud management is going next

Having noticed tailwinds for B2B startups that offer cloud cost-optimization solutions, we were curious to know where VCs thought the space was headed.

Why startups are better off prioritizing growth instead of optimizing cloud costs

As Zetta Ventures managing director Jocelyn Goldfein put it, the math needs to make sense if you're prioritizing cost cuts over growth.

5 cloud investors illustrate the various paths ahead for startups

Cloud cost optimization startups have found a friendly ear in enterprise clients looking to cut costs. Should younger startups follow suit?

Bluesky built cost guardrails to help cut Snowflake data spend

Snowflake has a revenue model that investors have to love, but big customers, not so much. That’s because it’s based on a consumption model where the more you use, the more you pay — and whe

As cloud costs rise, startups making spend-optimizing tech see sunny days ahead

At its best, the cloud promises to ease the transition from offline, manual processes to managed automation. But the cloud has a major downside, and it concerns cost.

New Harness product lets engineering teams monitor cloud spending in real time

One of the big advantages of using the cloud is ease of deployment. For engineers, being able to dial up infrastructure resources means being able to develop without delays, but it can also lead to bi

Densify update helps finance make more intelligent cloud buying decisions

Densify has been a company that helps engineers buy cloud resources in a cost-effective way, but the company wanted to show this cloud spending data to finance as well. This week it announced a new pr

AWS makes another acquisition, grabbing TSO Logic

AWS has been on a mini shopping spree since the first of the year. First it picked off Israeli disaster recovery startup CloudEndure last week. This week, it was TSO Logic, a Vancouver startup that he