Cloth Is Where Instagram And Your Closet Collide

Fashion and social networking belong together, but so far no one has found the perfect balance between user-generated content and a focus on edgy fashion. That's where <a target="_blank" href="http://

Researchers Create “Near-Exhaustive,” Ultra-Realistic Cloth Simulation

Cloth is hard to simulate yet it's important in gaming, scientific analysis, and CGI. That's why scientists at Berkely and Carnegie Mellon have spent six months exhaustively exploring all of the possi

Cloth, The Outfit App, Will Dress You For The Weather

We talked about <a target="_blank" href="">Cloth</a> a <a href="">few months ago when they

Cloth Lets You Store Your “Outfits” In Your “Phone”

If you are a "female" you apparently choose clothing in the form of "outfits," a sort of ritualized selection process that allows you to look "good" in a different set of clothes each day. While I sub