That time Facebook went too far

Facebook's attempts to clone Snapchat know no limit. The social networking giant is in the enviable position of owning a number of the world's most used internet services and applications. Facebook th

Scientists made babies from mouse skin cells

A group of Japanese scientists from Kyushu University has successfully turned mouse skin cells into baby mice without the use of egg cells. The technology skips over the usual method of fertilizing e

Facebook’s Timehop clone On This Day gets 60 million daily visitors

A year after blatantly copying Timehop, Facebook’s nostalgia feature is proving how successful big platforms can be when they rip off smaller products. Each day 60 million people visit On This D

Just another working clone dog

Cloning is back in fashion in South Korea, with two biotech labs billing themselves as the only places in the world where you can clone your dog. Both labs are staffed by researchers who worked with f

Want a designer baby? We may now have the technology to create it for you!

Remember Dolly the cloned sheep? She was a breakthrough and all, but the method used to create her, apparently, was inefficient. Scientists have now developed an easier method to clone animals (mice s

Human embryos successfully cloned from skin cells, cloned babies next?

Stem cell research, whether you agree with it or not, looks to have taken another step forward recently. A company called Stemagen out of La Jolla, California has “created the first mature clone