Rocket Internet closes $1B fund, the largest out of Europe to date

If you thought the problems Rocket Internet has had bringing its portfolio of startups and its business overall into the black would have spelled setbacks for future investing, think again. This wee

Virtual Reality And A Parallel Universe Of Cyberclones

One of the biggest technology trends of 2015 was virtual reality (VR), from Oculus Rift to Google's cardboard headsets. TechCrunch SF Disrupt 2015 saw a lot of VR experiences where users could wear he

IPO-Bound E-Commerce Giant Rocket Internet Consolidates, Holtzbrink Takes 2.5% Stake

More shareholder activity over at Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce incubator and investor that is widely expected to go public. Holtzbrinck Ventures, a firm that has been a longtime invest

Yo Is Trying To Get Parody App YOLO & Others Pulled From The App Store [UPDATED]

Yo, the simplified messaging app backed by an optimistic $1.5 million in funding, has apparently had it with the clones. The company is now trying to get the parody app YOLO and other similar efforts

Yo Has Spawned An Army Of Clones

Yo, a so-dumb-it’s-smart (?) app now valued at $10 million following its $1.5 million seed funding round, lets you send brief audio messages to friends that simply say “Yo.” I’

Summit Partners Puts $26M Into Samwer Brothers’ African Amazon Clone Jumia

<a target="_blank" href="">Rocket Internet</a>, the e-commerce startup incubator started by the Samwer Brothers, is once again ramping up its operations in emerging market

Can Open Source Hardware Companies Survive Clones?

In theory, <a target="_blank" href="">this Kickstarter project aiming to sell a sub-$2,000 MakerBot clo

The GT5: A Really Good Looking iPhone 4 Clone (Video)

<img src="" />We've been seeing <a href="

Most Accurate iPad Clone Yet Runs Windows 7

We’ve seen clones of the iPad before, but this one looks like the best imitation yet. Critically, though, it runs Windows 7 and not iOS. It’s got a 10.1″ 1024×768 LCD, a 1.66GHz

MacBook Air lookalike is more netbook-y but only costs $250

<img src="">Oh wow, take a look at that MacBook Ai—hey, that’s not a MacBook Air! It’s a $250 netbook from China! That

German "PearC" Apple clones aim to succeed at the Psystar game

<img src="" />The long-running <a href="">Psystar dispute</a> may be settling down as the controvers

BlueBerry L900i: Like a BlackBerry, but not

<img src="">Look out, RIM, there’s a new kid in town. The BlueBerry L900i features a “2.4 inch 240*320 pixels screen, bluetooth, a

OpenTech, Apple clone makers, now selling themselves on eBay

Good news! You can now buy OpenTech’s website, (!!!) and assets for $52,000. But if you’re sneaky, you can start bidding at about $35,000 and rock out when the bidding ends

Apple calls for the destruction of the clones

Last week Apple filed a copyright infringement suit against Psystar, alleging the company “misappropriated Apple’s proprietary software and intellectual property.” That’s no shocker, but t

Interview with the creator of an R2D2 impostor

Don’t let the glossy outer shell and blue markings fool you — this is not the droid you’re looking for. In fact, it is a meticulously designed copy of R2D2 created by Chris James and

Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

John Biggs has a Psystar. It’s a generic PC that runs OSX Leopard, and runs it well at that. It was roughly $550 shipped, and there’s something that gives one a sneaky feeling when using i

FC Mobile: Full, portable NES

Meet the FC Mobile, a really interesting looking cloned NES console that’s perfectly portable. But unlike most NES clones, this one takes old school NES cartridges, so you can dust off the ones

Psystar shipping $399 Mac clones; Apple still mum

According to its website, Psystar has started shipping the first of its $399 Open computers, which they will pre-install with Leopard for an additional $155. They also note that they have a new locati

X-ITE's fake iPod Touches aren't that X-ITING

[photopress:MP24.jpg,full,center] I love my iPod Touch to death, and the clones coming out can’t really touch it, though they are getting interesting. This X-ITE PMP is aimed right at the Touch,

Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

Oh boy. I hope you guys are excited on this bitterly cold Tuesday because in Silicon Valley, things are getting HOT! A service called Myfabrik is being released today after beta testing. It’s going