• Crunch Report | AppDynamics Acquired for $3.7 Billion

    Cisco acquires AppDynamics for $3.7 billion, Facebook launches a Snapchat story clone in its app in Ireland, Amazon owns more of its shipping logistics, Apple isnt giving up on India, and Apple hires Dropcam co-founder Greg Duffy. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Secret And Whisper Get Their Own Chinese Clones

    Secret And Whisper Get Their Own Chinese Clones

    Secret and Whisper have hit a dubious benchmark of success. Both have been cloned by developers in China. Secret posted about its Chinese duplicate this weekend, while Tech In Asia was the first English-language publication to report on both apps. Mimi means “secret” in Chinese, while Xiaosheng means “quiet.” Mimi was made by Shenzhen Wumii Technology Limited, which… Read More

  • When Is It More Than Inspiration? Burner CEO Calls Out Hushed As An “Obvious Clone”

    When Is It More Than Inspiration? Burner CEO Calls Out Hushed As An “Obvious Clone”

    Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what’s a clone, what’s iterative and what’s just inspiration. This is but one example. Greg Cohn, the CEO of Burner, an iPhone application offering disposable phone numbers that raised seed funding from 500 Startups and other angels this fall, is calling out a competitor’s app as a clone. The app in question is Hushed, which… Read More

  • Latest iPhone 4 Clone Looks Close To The Real Thing

    While there are a lot of iPhone 4 clones coming out of China, few are even close to the real thing. Here’s another that comes close to Jonathan Ive’s design, see if you can spot the differences in the video. Read More

  • Send in the clones: Shanzhai's version of the Nokia C2 is out there

    There’s been rumors floating around about the existence of a Nokia C2, but there really hasn’t been any kind of reliable siting, and a phone with a rotatable screen just seems a bit off. That doesn’t stop the knockoffs from coming out of Shanzhai though, and they’ve already made a clone. No pricing or availability of course. [via Cloned In China] Read More

  • Chinese clone the iPad, add a keyboard

    Well know that’s an abonination. This Chinese crazy pad runs Windows and has a 10-inch screen running an Antom N450 processor. There’s no telling if this thing actually runs or not – the screen looks pretty janky – and there are no prices. Read More

  • Yet another new e-book reader – this one looks vaguely familiar

    Looks like 2010 is turning out to be the year of the e-book reader. I’m not sure at what point these are going to stop being news, but here we go again. Insdream is launching the SX601 which seems to borrow some significant design ideas from another rather popular e-book reader. The Insdream does use a different type of screen from the source material (can you say Kindle), but looks… Read More

  • Despite appearances, the PinPhone is not an iPhone

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yadda yadda yadda. Here we have the latest — and perhaps greatest — imitation iPhone from China. This thing really, really looks like an iPhone. Similar form factor. Similar physical button placement. Astonishingly similar user interface. Heck, even a similar name: the PinPhone 3GS! Clearly you’re not going to have access to… Read More

  • A peek under the hood of a netbook

    One might think that netbooks and similar ultracompact laptops have all manner of specialized, custom made pieces and parts in order to cram all that functionality into such a small frame. One would be wrong: netbooks are chock full of a surprising number of fairly generic components. For a nice visual breakdown of what, exactly, goes into a generic netbook, take a gander at this netbook… Read More

  • In mother Russia, fake iPhones are as empty as vodka bottles

    Curious what’s powering that inexpensive iPhone on Ebay shipping from Moscow? Hopefully, it isn’t what’s in this Russian iPhone clone. Nothing but a steel bar for weight and a little light that displays an Apple logo on the “screen.” It might impress the ladies, but what good is it if you can’t call ’em back it? Read More

  • New Mysterious Mac Clone Retailer Takes Over From Psystar

    A week ago we reported that Apple had finally filed suit against Mac clone maker Psystar. Apple claimed that Psystar was trading on the Apple brand and illegally releasing the Mac OS X operating system on clone hardware. Today we have learnt via Macblogs of a new clone maker, Open Tech, who are planning on filling the void that is likely to be soon left by Psystar. Open Tech are taking… Read More

  • Creative clones the Flip?

    Gadget Lab seems to think so based on the product page of the Vado listed on The specs and description do reveal striking similarities to the popular Flip. A 2-inch screen is an improvement over the Flip’s 1.5-inch screen, but VGA quality, one-touch recording and up to 2-hours of recording per charge are carbon copies of what the Flip can do. Is there really a need for two… Read More

  • $399 Leopard machine from small company, potential lawsuit magnet

    A company called Psystar is promising a $399 “Leopard-compatible” PC with OS X pre-installed. No one has verified these claims but there’s some talk that it’s a variant of the osx86project running on stock hardware. We shall see. Sadly, the site is currently hosed. Power Computing, anyone? Read More