Clockwork’s Cloud Deluxe platform eliminates packet drops, improves cloud network performance

Clockwork today announced a new service that uses its clock synchronization service to eliminate packet drops to help businesses improve their network performance. A year ago, the company created a sp

Clockwork raises $21M to keep server clocks in sync

You’d think that synchronizing the clocks across a fleet of modern servers is a solved problem, but it’s actually quite a hard challenge to solve, especially if you want to get to nanoseco

Arcade launches ‘try before you buy’ demo capabilities with $2.5M in new capital

The company's technology makes it easier for companies to create demonstration videos, called “arcades,” that walk people through how their tools work.

Clockwork cuff-links, sadly sold out

BB posted this great cuff-link set made from old watch movements. These look like something from an old Hamilton ladies piece and the Etsy seller is charging a mere $55 for them. I’m upset they&