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  • Motorola Cancels Android 2.1 Updates For The CLIQ XT, Will Stay At Android 1.5

    Hey, T-Mobile CLIQ XT owners — you might want to take a seat. You know that Android 2.1 update you were promised a few months back? The one that got delayed a few times? Yeah, about that. It’s not going to happen. Read More

  • Review: Motorola CLIQ XT

    It can be said that Motorola just got its groove back. The Droid is probably one of the best phones out there, followed by the Devour, and they’re constantly releasing a few good models every few weeks, which is better than some manufacturers can say. They’ve hit on a strong formula: build a nice phone, put Android on it, sell a few hundred thousand. Repeat. While the CLIQ XT… Read More

  • Motorola Cliq XT with T-Mobile branding caught in the wild

    Ever since the announcement of the Motorola Cliq XT back at Mobile World Congress, every whisper and rumor has indicated that T-Mobile US would be picking it up come March 10th. While that date is still in no way confirmed, it’s looking pretty likely that the launch can’t be too far off. A handful of shots of the Cliq XT rocking T-Mobile’s logos have just made their way to… Read More

  • The Cliq XT/Quench drops, brings Android 1.5 in tow

    Motorola is keeping the Android party rocking with the Cliq XT — or Quench in Euroland. The handset doesn’t bring anything we haven’t seen before including the aging Android 1.5 release along with Motorola’s social media-centric MOTOBLUR home screen replacement. A respectable 3.1-inch 320 x 480 occupies the front, while a 5.0 MP cam with LED flash is housed on the… Read More