Continuing Native App Rollout, Group Communication Tool HipChat Launches Beta Client For Linux

Atlassian's HipChat is stepping up to its commitment to roll out native clients for its real-time group chat and private messaging tool, with a beta release of the Linux client. The Linux client could

Rumored: Development To Cease For Twitter’s Mac Client

Here's a piece of Twitter news that would really make me sad. According to former TechCrunch full-time writer guy, MG Siegler, Twitter will cease to support and develop Twitter for Mac.

API, ShmAPI: Still Has Many Difficulties To Overcome If It Wants To Beat Twitter

With Thursday's Twitter <a href="">API</a> <a href="https://techcrun

Meebo Unveils New iPhone Client

Just got a heads up from the Meebo people that they’re now offer a new client for people using iPhones. Meebo is fantastic as a web-IM client and now this will blow anything else out of the wate

Transmission 0.71 Released – Key Issues Fixed

Mac OS X users have always gotten a bit of a shaft on decent Bit Torrent clients. There’s always Azureus, but it’s cluttered, slow, and a resource hog. And until the recent release of Bit