Why the WiMax Deal Is A Disaster, Part II (Or, How Craig McCaw Snookered Eric Schmidt)

The more I learn about the $3.2 billion deal announced earlier this week to salvage Clearwire’s and Sprint’s WiMax businesses by merging them together, the more I am convinced that someone

Schonfeld Talks About Clearwire/Sprint On Fox Business

Erick appeared on Fox Business last night to talk about the recent $3.2 billion WiMax deal between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire that’s expected to go through. He tries to discuss the questionable

Intel Wins Piece of Swedish Spectrum

Intel won a piece of the Swedish airwaves and announced today that it plans to develop a nationwide WiMax network. Intel paid $26 million for a 15-year license and hopes to make money by selling micro

Clearwire and Sprint Nextel to Create New Company

Clearwire and Sprint Nextel announced today that the two companies will collaborate to create a new telecommunications company with assets starting at $14.55 billion. The venture is to be called Clear

Sprint, Clearwire merge wireless broadband units

As expected, Clearwire and Sprint have announced that they’ve merged to become a $14.55 billion wireless comms company. The newly formed company will be called Clearwire with Sprint Nextel having a

Why Google Invested in Clearwire

Google wants to usher in the world of wireless broadband so much that it is willing to spend vast sums to make it happen. It bid more than $4.6 billion in the recent FCC spectrum auctions (which it en

$3.2 Billion WiMax Deal Goes Through. Take Cover.

The deal to combine Sprint Nextel’s and Clearwire’s fledgling WiMax businesses that was rumored last March is finally expected to go through. Comcast and Intel are supposed to put in $1 bi

Rumor: Sprint and Clearwire closing WiMAX partnership deal?

Speaking of Xohm, Sprint’s WiMAX initiative, rumors are swirling around Wall Street that Sprint will announce a partnership with Clearwire tomorrow, unifying their two disparate networks as one

Comcast, Time Warner to help fund Sprint's WiMax

In order for Sprint and Clearwire to really get this WiMax thing underway nationwide, they’re going to need some pretty substantial moolah — like $3 billion. According to the Wall Street J

Why Cable And WiMax Shouldn't Mix

WiMax is going nowhere fast but that is not stopping a consortium of cable and tech companies from considering a plan to invest $3 billion more into a proposed bailout-through-merger of Sprint Nextel&

Sprint to release CDMA/WiMAX handsets this year

Dan Hesse, Sprint Nextel’s new CEO and the man in charge of turning the troubled company around, said in a conference call yesterday that Sprint’s still exploring the possibility of a WiMA

Rumor: WiMax enabled Nokia tablet to be released in April

It appears a new Nokia tablet is making the rounds in the rumor mill and this one comes WiMax-enabled. We’ll see what happens at CTIA in April. WiMax N810 Leaked, To Be Announced At CTIA? [via I

Intel bringing Sprint, Clearwire closer together

Remember the joint venture Sprint’s CEO, Hesse, was looking to form a couple weeks back that might help save WiMax? Well, it looks like Intel has taken the bait and Clearwire is joining in. Acco

WiMAX still looking at spring time roll out

Despite recent hiccups for Sprint in the last four to five months that may have led many to believe that Xohm aka WiMAX was dead in the water, we’ve learned that things are still on track for a

Sprint is once again dreaming about WiMAX

Recent shakeups at Sprint have caused many to speculate that the WiMAX deal they had going with Clearwire would be dead in the water, but recently appointed CEO Dan Hesse is proving the naysayers wron

Clearwire to Offer Google Services

Clearwire, a wireless service provider, announced today that it will offer subscribers Google applications in the first half of this year. Clearwire customers who have wireless Internet will be able t

Sprint to Clearwire: 'Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Population, You.'

Sprint is supposed to roll out its WiMax network in Chicago and Washington, DC by the end of the year and it says it’ll still do that despite news today that it met for dinner with Clearwire, sa

Clearwire launches PC card for mobile broadband

Now this is what I’m talking about. I keep hearing about Clearwire and their “wireless” broadband. While it technically is wireless, meaning that you don’t need to run any cabl

Sprint And Clearwire Strike Major WiMax Deal

Today Sprint and Clearwire announced that the two companies will be partnering to create a nationwide mobile broadband network. Using the 2.5GHz spectrum as the foundation, this network looks to be on

Sprint and Clearwire to Build Nationwide WiMax Network

Today Sprint Nextel and Clearwire have announced plans to jointly construct the nations first mobile broadband network using WiMax technology, and to further promote the global development of WiMax-ba
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