• Clearspring Takes AddThis Mobile With Social Sharing SDKs For iPhone, Android And The Web

    Clearspring Technologies, the developer of social sharing platform AddThis, is launching its mobile strategy today, unveiling optimized technologies for the iPhone, Android and mobile web. For background, the AddThis button sharing tool is currently deployed on 9 million websites worldwide and allows users to easily and quickly share content with others through more than 300 social… Read More

  • Whoops Redux: Looks Like Partner Just Leaked Google's +1 Button For Websites Launch

    Whoops Redux: Looks Like Partner Just Leaked Google's +1 Button For Websites Launch

    Oh, Google. Hate to do this again, but you really need to lock up these partners and get your PR in order. A week after we got a pitch from a partner NFC company all-but-confirming that Google’s New York City event would be about their mobile payment system (Google Wallet), another partner has reached out ahead of another announcement. This time, an email seemingly confirms that Google… Read More

  • AddThis Indeed: Clearspring Raises $20 Million As It Rides Social Sharing Boom

    AddThis Indeed: Clearspring Raises $20 Million As It Rides Social Sharing Boom

    The name Clearspring Technologies may not be terribly familiar to you, but chances are you’ve often clicked on or at least come across its AddThis buttons, which are plastered on publisher sites Web-wide. The U.S.-based social sharing platform company this morning announced that it has raised a whopping $20 million in a Series D round of funding led by Institutional Venture Partners… Read More

  • After 5 Years Of Facilitating Sharing On The Web, AddToAny Turns A Profit

    Like Twitter, AddToAny turns five years old this week. It doesn’t garner even a fraction of the attention that venture-backed competitors like Clearspring (AddThis), Gigya and ShareThis do, but it has definitely put its stake in the social sharing widget ground. Note: the above-cited rivals have raised roughly $90 million combined, while AddToAny has never taken outside financing since… Read More

  • Open URL Sharing Protocol OExchange Gets Support From Google, Microsoft, Et Al.

    Open URL Sharing Protocol OExchange Gets Support From Google, Microsoft, Et Al.

    OExchange, a simple specification for URL-based content sharing on the Web, was introduced today by a number of online service providers and social networks. The open link-sharing protocol has gained support from Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Digg, Instapaper, StumbleUpon, Clearspring Technologies and a handful more. So what’s it all about? OExchange essentially establishes a common way… Read More

  • Widgetizing The Web: Widgetbox Hits 500 Million Impressions A Month

    Widgets were all the rage last year. And the trend seems to be growing. Widgetbox, a widget creation and distribution platform, is reporting 500 million impressions worldwide in the past month, according to Quantcast. Widgetbox says that the vast majority of activity exists across hundreds of thousands of publishers who embed the widgets in blogs each month and through partners who… Read More

  • Clearspring Lays Off 20%, President And COO Jay Rappaport Leaving

    Seems like widget distribution startup Clearspring is another victim of the economic meltdown forced to make some tough decisions. We heard rumors floating that the company laid off about 20% of its staff in early December, and we’ve now confirmed with Clearspring that several people have in fact been let go, although they’re not sharing the exact amount of firings. CEO Homan… Read More

  • Hummer Winblad Partner Will Price Resigns To Head WidgetBox

    It’s not often a partner at a successful venture capital fund leaves to do anything except retire (although there is some evidence to the contrary). But Will Price, a general partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, has resigned from his firm and, as of today, is the CEO of widget startup Widgetbox. The company has raised $14.5 million from Hummer Winblad, Sequoia Capital and… Read More

  • Amid Yahoo Turmoil, AOL Makes An Acquisition

    On Monday AOL will announce the acquisition of San Diego-based Goowy, a startup founded in late 2004 and which launched, incidentally, in my living room in late 2006 (we had a TechCrunch party where Goowy, Meebo, Sphere and other startups launched). The size of the deal is not being disclosed. Their first product was a Flash-based webtop or alternative operating system. But later they went… Read More

  • Back to Widget Basics: Hyplet Creates Embeddable Business Cards and Flyers

    We’re not exactly sure how long it’s been around (it appears to have launched late this Fall), but we recently came across a simple widget service with no press coverage to date called Hyplet that helps you create digital business cards and flyers. You can spread them around the web by embedding in blogs, social networks, websites, and emails. Hyplet’s end product is… Read More

  • Yahoo Widgets Upgrade: Now With Flash and New Friends

    Google gadgets came to the Mac today and now Yahoo is releasing an update of their own. They’ve upgraded their Konfabulator widget platform to 4.5 (not currently up) and overhauled their site’s user interface to incorporate better user feedback. While you can get all the technical improvements from Yahoo’s own upcoming announcement. The highlights are support for Flash and… Read More

  • Clearspring Opens Widget Network to Advertisers

    Clearspring is announcing today at ad:tech in New York a new service called “Clearspring for Advertisers” that will deliver advertisements in the form of interactive widgets. The announcement does not bring anything particular new to the web, since companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, The CW Television Network, Comedy Central, DreamWorks Animation, and Warner Brothers… Read More

  • MuseStorm Debuts Widget Engagement Platform

    Silicon Valley/Israel based MuseStorm will launch a new end-to-end widget syndication platform today at the DEMO conference. The new offering which MuseStorm is officially dubbing a “content engagement platform” provides four widget syndication aspects: Authoring, Distribution, Analytics & Monetization. The highlight of the platform is the authoring functionality. First, it… Read More

  • Track Your Widget's Global Domination on Clearspring

    Since last November, Clearspring’s widget syndication platform has served up analytics on over 4.2 billion widget views for clients like Time, NBC, Universal, and Maxim. Tonight, Clearspring is opening up their platform to any developer, letting you write, track, and distribute web widgets across a multitude of websites and platforms. They will also feature a forum to support their… Read More