Clean Energy Ventures

Electrified Thermal Solutions’ e-bricks could be key to decarbonizing heavy industry

Heavy industry relies on fossil fuels not just for power, but heat. Thermal batteries could help make electrification a reality for those companies.

Climate tech is not doomed, despite climate doom

Climate tech investor Dan Goldman details what he thinks about today’s market and what he’s telling his portfolio companies about how to prepare for next year.

Advanced Ionics teases electrolysis innovation ‘to clean up’ the filthy hydrogen business

Advanced Ionics, a climate-tech startup that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is striving to drive down the price of green hydrogen by slashing how much electricity is needed for electrolysis by as mu

Copper Labs sparks joy for utility companies by making their meters smarter

Utility companies have a problem: Their “smart grids” were created to solve billing problems from a decade ago, not the needs and expectations from 2022 consumers with electric cars, solar

5 areas where VCs can play an outsized role in addressing climate change

Many climate unicorns are on the way, but current VC levels are dwarfed by the mind-boggling funding amounts that are needed to give humanity a fighting chance.

Leading Edge Equipment has a technology to improve solar manufacturing and $7.6 million to go to market

Only a few weeks after the successful public offering of Array Technologies proved that there’s a market for technologies aimed at improving efficiencies across the solar manufacturing and insta