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The new era of education is high-tech and high-touch

As we return to school this fall, we can blend the best of technology with the best of the classroom experience. Launches To Simplify And Beautify College Classroom Management

When Arkansas-based entrepreneur and designer Arlton Lowry finally got the opportunity to teach a college class (one of his life-long goals), he found that the options for managing said class on the w

iSchool Campus Wants To Bring The Next-Gen Wired Classroom To K12 Education

Technology is increasingly becoming a part of the classroom experience, particularly thanks to smart devices. Tablets and iPads offer students a more portable, engaging and interactive experience than

Now In 600+ Schools And Open To Any Student, Lore Gives Higher Ed A Next-Gen Social Network

With social networking having permeated the way we look for jobs, share photos and music, and discover news, a startup named <a target="_blank" href="">Lore</a> is on a mission to do t