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Recession slows the sales, adoption of Intel's Classmate PC

<img src="" />The worldwide recession looks to have taken a bite out of sales of Intel's Classmate PC, a computer that was supposed to

Portugal keeps its promise, delivers Classmate PCs to schoolchildren nationwide

Not Portuguese children Looks like the Portuguese Ministry of Education kept its promise to deliver a whole bunch of Classmate PCs to students ’round the country. The laptops will only cost stud

Brazilian foundation adopts Intel Classmate PC

Brazil will be joining its cousin Portugal in deploying Intel’s Classmate PC in the classroom. Cnet has an adorable story of a Brazilian foundation, Fundação Bradesco, that has introduced the

For education: Intel Classmate PC deployed en masse in Portugal

Intel’s Classmate PC, the company’s answer to the XO Laptop, will soon be in the hands of Portugal’s schoolchildren. Some 500,000 laptops will be given to the country’s six-to-

Daewoo launches its own Classmate PC named Lukid

It seems that Korean supercompany Daewoo is launching a low-cost laptop named the Lukid. The new laptop is aimed at kids going to school. The little laptop is based on Intel’s Classmate PC, whic