Nintendo is launching a mini version of its iconic NES console with 30 classic games

When you're on a roll, why not make crowd-pleasing decisions. Nintendo, which has seen its market cap soar thanks to the Pokemon Go phenomenon, just announced that it will relaunch its iconic NES cons

Can BlackBerry Catch A Break?

BlackBerry just announced the Classic, a phone that looks warped into 2014 via 2009. While by all rights it appears to be solid QWERTY solution in a non-QWERTY world, it's hilarious that the company a

EA Mobile announces shmup legend R-Type for iPhone

<img src="" /> One of the best shooting games ever created, <a href="">R-Type</a>, is soon

Photo report: CrunchGear digs up Akihabara's top 10 expensive classic games

<img src="" /> Nearly two years have passed since <a href="

Classic arcade tribute sculpture

This rather nifty electronics sculpture was created by Artist Steve D’Angelo, as a homage to the classic arcade. This is what I think all synthesizers should look like. [Make: Online]

Personics: The original iPod

BBG found a great ad from the 80s for a jukebox that offered “1,000s of songs at your fingertips.” You’d pick your songs, enter your name, and a record store clerk would “pour&

How to crack open the three new iPods

This is kind of a tradition now: new iPods launch and some chump has to tear ’em apart. RapidRepair happened to chronicle the whole thing and provides instructions for us common folk for when

Apple updates the iPod Classic to a minimum of 120GB; kills thick, 160GB model

For those still interested in the Classic flavor of the iPod, there is now a 120GB storage option replacing the 80GB model. We had a feeling that this one was coming and after the Zune 120 was confirm

Last minute Apple "Let's Rock" rumors

With the Apple press conference mere hours away, the ‘ol rumor mill is work’n overtime. Quoting long time sources, AppleInsider claims that the iPod Shuffle is going to five color option

Apple releasing 120GB iPod Classic tomorrow?

With Apple’s September iPod event tomorrow, this one’s cutting it close. Straight off the tip lines is a rear shot of a 120 GB iPod classic. The good news? The source is trusted. The bad n

New wooden cases and speakers for the iPod

Tokyo-based Marubeni Infotec [JP] sells two new stylish accessories for the iPod classic/nano/Touch. At the beginning of next month, the so-called “Alle STACK for iPod” speakers (1Wx2) wil