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Judge says class action suit against Facebook over facial recognition can go forward

Whenever a company may be guilty of something, from petty neglect to grand deception, there's usually a class action lawsuit filed. But until a judge rules that lawsuit legitimate, the threat remains

Facebook’s least favorite Austrian can now press privacy suit in Vienna

A big blow for Facebook today after Europe's top court delivered a verdict in a long-running legal challenge that opens the door for plaintiff and privacy campaigner, Max Schrems, to sue Facebook in

Uber dealt with class action lawsuit alleging assault by drivers

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Uber, claiming that the company hasn't done enough to inform the public about alleged harassment and assault by drivers. The legal complaint alleges that

Here comes the class action lawsuit after Equifax’s massive hack

Yesterday, Equifax announced that a hacker obtained information about 143 million consumers. This data included Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some cases, driver license numbe

Pokemon Go T&Cs strip users of legal rights

Players of Pokemon Go are not only giving up their right to act like sane human beings in public, as they walk around, zombie-esque, reaching into the phones held in front of their faces, they are als

Uber strikes $100M class-action settlement to keep drivers independent contractors

Uber’s driver versus independent contractor debate just took a huge turn. In a blog post from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, the company announced that it has reached a settlement in two class-acti

Facebook’s European Privacy Class Action Hearing Set For April 9

Some developments on the class action suit filed against Facebook over alleged privacy violations in Europe. Europe vs. Facebook, the group leading the suit now with 25,000 claimants in tow, has h

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Now Oversubscribed

A civil class action lawsuit being brought against Facebook on privacy grounds by Europe vs Facebook campaigner Max Schrems has hit its current maximum of 25,000 participants less than a week after th

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Joined By 11,000 And Counting

On Friday the Europe vs Facebook privacy campaign group kicked off a new legal initiative targeting Facebook -- in the form of a class action lawsuit that's inviting adult non-commercial Facebook user

Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit In California Over Alleged Labor Violations Affecting 20K Employees

While Apple today reported its quarterly earnings, another group seized the moment to push out another bit of Apple-related news. The company is being sued in a class-action suit over a series of alle

Nokia Says Class Action Lawsuit Over Windows Phone Is Now Dismissed, No Compensation Paid

<a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> may be <a href="

Austin’s Other Event: A Class Action, Mobile App Privacy Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook, Twitter, Apple, 15 Others

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but it looks like all the heated conversation we've seen over user privacy in mobile apps has now finally boiled over into a class action lawsuit, filed this we