Civilization VI lands on iPad

In case you wanted something engrossing to keep you distracted from family squabbles this holiday, a special gift just arrived: Civilization VI, which is now available as a $30 purchase for iPad via t

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review – Much More Than Just Civilization In Space

The Civilization series has repeatedly roped me in for disappearances that span hours and even days, and the newest instalment, Civilization: Beyond Earth continues that storied tradition. The civiliz

PC Gamer Reviews Civ V

Oh, Civilization V, you can’t come soon enough. Your majestic new battle system, your beautiful graphics, your charm and grace. I may even fire up my PC to play you! PC Gamer has taken a look at

September 21st Officially Civilization 5 Day

Not sure how much exactly this cost Firaxis, but the Governor of Maryland has named September 21st, 2010 to officially be Civilization 5 day. This date was not selected randomly, as that coincidentall

Civ V gameplay video is making me excited

You seriously do not want to Chatroulette with me right now. It would be ugly. Regardless, this new video about Civ V is amazing exciting to a Civ nerd like me. Please let it appear on Mac Steam. Plea

Civ V landing on September 21

Say, friends, are you excited as I am? Civ V is coming for PCs on September 21 in the US and on September 24 internationally. I love this game so much that I will totally be willing to marry it.

Meet Civ V: The cities have health bars

I think Gagan is at GDC but he’s clearly not getting the good meetings. Firaxis is showing off Civ V and Kotaku has a nice run down, including a few new features. For starters, your opponents ha

Civilization Network headed to Facebook next year, for free.

<img src="" />Sid Meier—yes, <i>the</i> Sid Meier—just posted a note to Facebook announcing <i>Civilization Network</i>, whi

United Nations' World Digital Library: Pretty damn great

<img src="" />The United Nations has launched the World Digital Library, a tremendous Web site that currently has about 1,200 documents

Take-Two looking at online multiplayer gaming, films

Games like Civilization and BioShock might get some MMO treatment if developer Take-Two sees fit to chase some “potential untapped opportunities.” You’ll also notice that it’s