• Civilization VI lands on iPad

    Civilization VI lands on iPad

    In case you wanted something engrossing to keep you distracted from family squabbles this holiday, a special gift just arrived: Civilization VI, which is now available as a $30 purchase for iPad via the App Store. The world building simulation game is possibly the most ambitious and expansive ever to hit the iPad, and it has hefty spec requirements to match – you’ll need at least… Read More

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth Review – Much More Than Just Civilization In Space

    Civilization: Beyond Earth Review – Much More Than Just Civilization In Space

    The Civilization series has repeatedly roped me in for disappearances that span hours and even days, and the newest instalment, Civilization: Beyond Earth continues that storied tradition. The civilization building and management simulation keeps a lot of what has worked about the series, and adds substantial new gameplay elements – this is no warmed-over expansion with some sci-fi… Read More

  • PC Gamer Reviews Civ V

    Oh, Civilization V, you can’t come soon enough. Your majestic new battle system, your beautiful graphics, your charm and grace. I may even fire up my PC to play you! PC Gamer has taken a look at the game and they’ve come away quite impressed. To wit: I’m going to be playing Civ V for a very, very long time. The freedom to pursue multiple victories—domination… Read More

  • September 21st Officially Civilization 5 Day

    Not sure how much exactly this cost Firaxis, but the Governor of Maryland has named September 21st, 2010 to officially be Civilization 5 day. This date was not selected randomly, as that coincidentally happens to be the release date announced by 2K Games. To be fair, Firaxis and Sid Meyer are both from Maryland, and the Civilization series has been considered to be educational from a… Read More

  • Civ V gameplay video is making me excited

    You seriously do not want to Chatroulette with me right now. It would be ugly. Regardless, this new video about Civ V is amazing exciting to a Civ nerd like me. Please let it appear on Mac Steam. Please. Read More

  • Civ V landing on September 21

    Say, friends, are you excited as I am? Civ V is coming for PCs on September 21 in the US and on September 24 internationally. I love this game so much that I will totally be willing to marry it. Read More

  • Meet Civ V: The cities have health bars

    I think Gagan is at GDC but he’s clearly not getting the good meetings. Firaxis is showing off Civ V and Kotaku has a nice run down, including a few new features. For starters, your opponents have definite AI based on their strengths and weakness. Ranged weapons can fire from further away – one space for archers – and cities can fight back. Cities also have “health… Read More

  • Civilization Network headed to Facebook next year, for free.

    Sid Meier—yes, the Sid Meier—just posted a note to Facebook announcing Civilization Network, which “will allow you to join together with your friends to create the world’s most powerful, richest, smartest, or just plain coolest civilization.” It will probably be huge, yes. Read More

  • United Nations' World Digital Library: Pretty damn great

    The United Nations has launched the World Digital Library, a tremendous Web site that currently has about 1,200 documents for your afternoon perusal. I’m right now looking at an old map of Portugal, because I’m a huge nerd. It should be a good partner site for those of you who like to do the Wikipedia Shuffle every now and then Read More

  • Take-Two looking at online multiplayer gaming, films

    Games like Civilization and BioShock might get some MMO treatment if developer Take-Two sees fit to chase some “potential untapped opportunities.” You’ll also notice that it’s pondering a BioShock movie, which would be wonderful and creepy and probably directed by Tim Burton, if I may take the liberty of throwing some wild speculation into the mix. The above image was… Read More