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  • CivWorld For Facebook Beta Goes Live… If You Can Get It To Load (Update)

    Back in May, we reported that Sid Meier’s Civilization game would be migrating over to Facebook under a new name, Civilization World. Today, the Facebook game went live in its beta version, and we’re more than excited to get civilized. Read More

  • Civ V landing on September 21

    Say, friends, are you excited as I am? Civ V is coming for PCs on September 21 in the US and on September 24 internationally. I love this game so much that I will totally be willing to marry it. Read More

  • Civilization V is on its way! Yippee!

    My favorite game in the whole wide world, Civilization, is getting one more incarnation. Civilization V (that’s “five” for non-Romans) is coming in the Fall of 2010 and promises – get this – hex tiles. Hollah! Civilization V takes this definitive strategy game series in new directions with the introduction of hexagon tiles allowing for deeper strategy, more… Read More