• Cisco Brings AppHQ App Storefront To It's 7-Inch Cius Tablet

    A year ago today, we predicted that Cisco’s enterprise-focused 7-inch Cius tablet would never ship. It was a reasonable prediction at the time, but it turns out we were wrong. In fact, the Cisco Cius tablet did ship in late March, barely making its promised release date of “Q1 2011.” Today, Cisco unveiled its latest product for Cius, the AppHQ application storefront, hoping… Read More

  • AT&T To Sell The Cisco Cius

    Remember a few months ago when you kind of cared about the Cisco Cius and then you realized it was just a little screen made for video meetings and wasn’t really a consumer device? Well, prepare for that realization again because AT&T is about to provide HSPA+ data service for this thing and presumably sell it to government and institutional buyers. Read More

  • Cisco Dev FAQ Offers More Info On the Cius Tablet

    This document sent to potential software partners doesn’t tell much more about the Cisco Cius Tablet than we already know. However, it does show confirmed but limited availability in Q4 2010 as well as a sub $1,000 price confirmation. This bit is particularly interesting: 5) Why is Cisco Cius twice the price of an Apple iPad? Why should I purchase Cisco Cius versus just purchasing… Read More