Stae wants to prepare cities for the future

Meet <a target="_blank" href="">Stae</a>, a New York-based startup that wants to make cities and tech startups work together. Major cities are getting denser and facing bigger challenges

Tournaire Expression Watches Have Little Cities On Them

<img src="">Jewelry and watch designer Philippe Tournaire has created some really interesting things. For me, he will be most famous

Cisco and Living PlanIT Go Green With Sustainable City

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" /> Networking equipment maker Cisco intends to build a <a href="

CityVoter Captures $2.6 Million In Series B Funding

<img src="" alt="CityVoter" class="shot" /> <a href=""></a>, a user-generated city gu

Montreal Getting WiMAX Network

Our neighbors to the north are starting on some projects similar to ongoing ones here in the US. Montreal will be the first city to get both a citywide WiFi and WiMAX network installed. The project, a