• Stae wants to prepare cities for the future

    Stae wants to prepare cities for the future

    Meet Stae, a New York-based startup that wants to make cities and tech startups work together. Major cities are getting denser and facing bigger challenges. And yet, innovation is coming from private companies. These companies are starting to have better insights about how a city works compared to local governments. Read More

  • Tournaire Expression Watches Have Little Cities On Them

    Jewelry and watch designer Philippe Tournaire has created some really interesting things. For me, he will be most famous for being the guy who turns architecture into rings. Really. Image a ring with a gold building on it – yup. Tournaire’s newest creation combines this concept with a watch, but in a way that is just sort of weird. In fact, as hard as it may have been someone… Read More

  • Cisco and Living PlanIT Go Green With Sustainable City

    Networking equipment maker Cisco intends to build a sustainable city in Portugal. The company will work with Living PlanIT, a startup focused on developing large-scale sustainable technologies. What will this city look like? For one thing, it’ll be wired with tens of millions of sensors providing real-time data to help manage common urban issues like traffic and crime. The… Read More

  • CityVoter Captures $2.6 Million In Series B Funding, a user-generated city guide that competes with services like AOL’s City Guide, and countless others, announced that it closed $2.6 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Allen & Company and Dace Ventures and Curt Viebranz, former CEO of Tacoda, as well as Bradley Wechsler, co-CEO of IMAX, joined the company’s advisory board. CityVoter features… Read More

  • Montreal Getting WiMAX Network

    Our neighbors to the north are starting on some projects similar to ongoing ones here in the US. Montreal will be the first city to get both a citywide WiFi and WiMAX network installed. The project, a joint venture between Nomad Telecom and, is expected to be completed entirely in 2009, but some residents could see web access as soon as September. Similar to… Read More