City Spotlight Austin

TechCrunch Live speaks with Silverton Partners and The Zebra on hiring external leadership

TechCrunch Live took a virtual trip to Austin, Texas, and we had a great time, even if the tacos were missing. Called TC City Spotlight: Austin, the show featured an extended lineup of guests, includi

FabuLingua wins the TechCrunch City Spotlight: Austin pitch-off!

It’s my pleasure to announce FabuLingua won today’s City Spotlight: Austin pitch-off! The company competed against knowRX Health and Vertikal X on today’s TechCrunch Live episode and

Happening today: TechCrunch Live’s free special episode in Austin, Texas!

TechCrunch Live is in Austin, Texas today. Virtually, at least. For today’s show, we’re shinning a spotlight on the incredible region in Austin, Texas. It’s a city of unicorns and te

Announcing the TC Spotlight Austin Pitch-Off startups

Today, TechCrunch is hosting TC Spotlight: Austin — a virtual event highlighting the innovation, investment and entrepreneurship in the region. The first part of the event will feature panels highli

Billionaire investor Jim Breyer left Silicon Valley for Austin in early 2020; here’s why he loves it

It’s hard to get Jim Breyer to say a critical word, publicly, about anything, so it’s no surprise that, when asked why he moved to Austin from his longtime headquarters in Silicon Valley t

Keeping Austin wired (for high-tech manufacturing)

Motorola’s Fort Worth, Texas assembly plant lasted almost exactly a year. The message from the Google-owned smartphone brand was simple: The whole exercise had proven too difficult. “What we f

Austin’s Will Hurley on the city’s incredible tech rise

In Austin’s tech world, there’s an entrepreneur everyone knows by one name: Whurley.

Austin emerges as a city of unicorns and tech giants

Austin made headlines in 2021 for being “the place” for startup founders and venture capitalists alike to set up shop. That’s why TechCrunch has chosen to shine a spotlight on the city with a sp

TechCrunch Live is coming to Austin and here’s the speaker lineup!

On April 6 TechCrunch is hosting a special episode of TechCrunch Live centered on Austin, Texas. We hope you can join us. The episode, like every TechCrunch Live episode, is streamed live and is progr