• Yahoo Acquires Citizen Sports

    Yahoo has just confirmed that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Citizen Sports. Citizen Sports has a range of products related to fantasy and real-life sports, most of which incorporate social features. Along with web based leagues and applications on Facebook, the company also offers applications for the iPhone and Android. These applications will nicely complement Yahoo… Read More

  • Citizen Sports' iPhone App Is Better Than ESPN's, But They're Not Named ESPN

    As a startup in the sports sphere, Citizen Sports has a simple, but annoying problem: They’re not ESPN. And it’s simply hard to compete with the name that has basically become synonymous with sports. Yahoo might be able to do it because, well, they’re Yahoo, but for a startup, it can be frustrating when, on many levels, you’re beating your competitors in innovation… Read More

  • SI Teams With MIT Blackjack Ace to Make Facebook Apps

    You already know Jeff Ma’s story. He’s the guy who led a team of MIT students to fame and fortune by counting cards at some of Vegas’s biggest casinos (the movie 21 is based on him, as is the novel Bringing Down the House). Now, Ma’s company Citizen Sports has teamed up with Sports Illustrated to bring a set of feature-rich fantasy sports apps to Facebook that Ma… Read More