How issues of microtransit, congestion and parking are closing in on cities

Earlier this week in a new experimental newsletter I’ve been helping Danny Crichton on, we briefly discussed transit pundit Jarrett Walker’s article in The Atlantic arguing against the view that r

Crunch Report | Amazon reveals 20 finalists for second HQ

The 20 finalist cities for Amazon's second HQ are announced, HuffPost drops its free contributor platform and Uber's SoftBank deal officially closes. All this on Crunch Report.

An Ohio mall gets a second life thanks to Amazon

Old malls are an eyesore. Built cheaply and then abandoned to chic outdoor “shopping experiences” and high-end destinations, they rot on parking lots in the hearts of small cities, taking

HotelTonight expands its in-app concierge service, Aces, to 30+ cities

Last summer we reviewed Aces, the in-app concierge service from HotelTonight. And while we enjoyed using the service, our main gripe was that it was limited to just five cities, and even there it

What Makes A City A City? New Visual System Identifies City Characteristics

If you've been to cities and you've had enough, have you been to Paris, France? Paris is defined by a few magical characteristics - the street signs, the architecture, the street features - and a new

Open parking spaces? Check your smartphone

Nice work, San Francisco. Nice work. This fall, San Francisco will be testing a system of 4-inch by 4-inch mesh-networked bumps glued to 25% of the city’s parking spaces. The bumps will be linked to

Google Maps Intros Street View

Just as Microsoft gets done releasing those 3D, photo renditions of major cities on its Live Search Maps, in comes Google to shake the competition up a bit. This new street view Google is offering is