• Apple and Google to replace GM and Citigroup on Dow Jones?

    There is talk around the ol’ internet watercooler that General Motors and Citigroup are about to be kicked off the Dow Jones Industrial Average due to their lackluster performance and long term outlook. Both of the companies stocks are trading around a $1 with Citigroup taking the title of the first stock to be traded on the index as a penny stock. Since the Dow follows 30 of the largest… Read More

  • Apple stock still worth buying, says Citi and Goldman Sachs

    Yes, we’ll soon all be at each other’s throats fighting over cans of soup, but Apple? It’s fine, despite that drop earlier in the week. That’s what Citi and Goldman Sachs say, at least. Those two haven’t failed yet, so we’d do well to hang on their every word. Both Citi and Goldman Sachs kept a “buy” rating on Apple stock, despite the fact that… Read More