EDGE Network Could Cost Apple Tens of Customers

A couple of things that make people nervous about the iPhone: no mechanical keyboard and AT&T/Cingular’s EDGE network. If anybody’s poised to perfect the whole touchscreen keyboard thi

Rumor: Cingular to Launch Router and WiFi Switching Cell Phone Service

I have found the wifi + cell phone momentum quite interesting and covered two early patents leading the trend. So I’m on a flight and a guy behind me, sitting next to someone worthy of being imp

AT&T Taps MediaFLO for Mobile Live Streaming TV

AT&T’s wireless division (AT&T Wireless + Cingular – simple name) has chosed MediaFLO to roll out its mobile TV service. MediaFLO is a subsidiary of QUALCOMM, the all-caps wireless

Cingular/AT&T's KRZR Gets Internal Cam, 3G

on pushing later this year. That means this slim flip is most likely the real deal, and will probably drop at about the same pricepoint as the current KRZR when it hits later on in 2007. [V