Shoppable video startup Cinematique has a new CEO and $1.4M in new funding

Cinematique has a new CEO — investor and entrepreneur Paul Dawalibi. The startup describes its product as enabling “touchable video.” In other words, when you’re watching a Cinemat

Cinematique Lets Brands Sell Directly Through Video

For years, we’ve heard whispers of shoppable video. Imagine watching your favorite TV show or a music video online and being able to instantly purchase an item that appeals to you, from a shade

Cinematique, The Touchable Video Platform, Will Now Allow Brands To Create Their Own Content

After more than two years of restricting content creation to their in-house team, Cinematique, the touchable video platform, is releasing a beta version of a cloud-based Editor so brands can create

With Cinematique’s ‘Touch-Enabled’, Shoppable Videos, Product Placement Might Not Be So Bad

In time, we're all going to want to interact and shop from our favorite online — at least, that's what Randy Ross, co-founder and CEO of startup called <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cinematiq