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Apple's Brand New 27-inch Cinema Display Will Require A Software Update Out Of The Box

Did you happen to dip into the ol’ trust fund and purchase the $999 Apple Cinema Display? Well, when it’s finally delivered, you’re going to be prompted to install a 76MB update righ

Apple Is Finally Shipping The 27-inch LED Cinema Display

<img src="">Apple is finally ready to take your money in exchange for the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. The 2560 x 1440 monit

After 6 Years, Apple Laying 30-Inch Display To Rest. New 27-Inch LED To Rule Supreme

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-200849" title="mac" src="" alt="" />As you may have heard by now, Apple unveiled a whole range on new p

Apple discontinues 20-inch Cinema display, rumors ensue

<img src="" alt="" />Everybody panic! Apple has pulled their 20-inch Cinema displays from the <a href="

Troll Touch adds aftermarket touchscreen tech to Apple LED Cinema Display

<img src="" /> Apple's <a HREF="">24-inch LED Cinema Dis

Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display (finally) unboxed

It’s been a while (10/14/08) since Apple first announced the next version of the Cinema Display but with the display now shipping, unboxing pics have surfaced. The LED-powered display looks just

Apple LED Cinema Display now shipping

The fancy LED Apple display is shipping now. Right now it only works when connected to a MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as a result of it using the new mini DisplayPort interface. Ars has one o

As LED Cinema Display approaches, Apple discontinues old display

The 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display should be out any day now—Apple lists “November” as its release date—but at what cost? Well, at the cost of the 23-inch Cinema Display, which has b

Elzo FlexScan 24-inch monitor has that there DisplayPort

You’re looking at the Elzo FlexScan S2432W-H, a 24-inch monitor that comes out in Japan next month. Crazy, right? Maybe. The monitor is one of the first post-MacBook monitors to have a DisplayPo

So where are the other MacBook Pro and MacBook screen size options? [Update]

Good ‘ol Apple. The company announced brand-spanking new MacBook Pro and MacBook options today, but limited the new models to a single screen size each. Chances are, different screen size option

Another hands-on with the new MacBook, MacBook Pro and 24-inch Cinema Display

Rumor: New Apple Cinema Displays in 2009

It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure out that the Cinema Displays are due for a refresh in the near future since no major modifications have been made since their debut in 2004. MacRumors is h

Apple Cinema Displays Take a Price Cut

With the announcement of the expensive 8-core Mac Pro, Apple must have figured it needed a little spin to keep customers’ minds off of the high price. Now the Apple Cinema Displays have been giv