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  • Apple's Brand New 27-inch Cinema Display Will Require A Software Update Out Of The Box

    Did you happen to dip into the ol’ trust fund and purchase the $999 Apple Cinema Display? Well, when it’s finally delivered, you’re going to be prompted to install a 76MB update right away. Said update allows users to adjust the ambient light sensor, which allows the screen to adjust to different brightness levels and also reduce the amount of energy it consumes. Remember the… Read More

  • Apple Is Finally Shipping The 27-inch LED Cinema Display

    Apple is finally ready to take your money in exchange for the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. The 2560 x 1440 monitor was announced way back in July and is now listed as shipping within 1 to 2 weeks for $999. There wasn’t any sort of delay, September was the target all along. The high-end monitor scene saw some new players this summer. Apple wasn’t the only manufacturer to out an… Read More

  • After 6 Years, Apple Laying 30-Inch Display To Rest. New 27-Inch LED To Rule Supreme

    After 6 Years, Apple Laying 30-Inch Display To Rest. New 27-Inch LED To Rule Supreme

    As you may have heard by now, Apple unveiled a whole range on new products today from new iMacs to new Mac Pros to a new Magic Trackpad product. Alongside those, Apple also unveiled a new 27-inch LED Cinema Display. I talked with Apple a bit this morning about the new products, and one thing that may not have been clear about the new monitor is that it will actually be the only one Apple… Read More

  • Apple discontinues 20-inch Cinema display, rumors ensue

    Everybody panic! Apple has pulled their 20-inch Cinema displays from the Apple Store and have labeled them “end of life’d” to resellers. What could it mean?! Are new ones on the way? Is there going to be a special event for a new Cinema display?! OMG. What are we going to do?! Read More

  • Troll Touch adds aftermarket touchscreen tech to Apple LED Cinema Display

    Apple’s 24-inch LED Cinema Display now doubles as a touchscreen, thanks to Troll Touch. You put a little slip over the screen, and then plug the slip into a USB port. Voilà, you’ve got a touchscreen LED Cinema Display! Read More

  • Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display (finally) unboxed

    It’s been a while (10/14/08) since Apple first announced the next version of the Cinema Display but with the display now shipping, unboxing pics have surfaced. The LED-powered display looks just like it did when we first peeped it way back on October 14. The display hasn’t revealed any unannounced features but the lack of a power brick is a welcomed surprise. AppleInsider also… Read More

  • Apple LED Cinema Display now shipping

    The fancy LED Apple display is shipping now. Right now it only works when connected to a MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as a result of it using the new mini DisplayPort interface. Ars has one of those “unboxing” deals that the kids love so much these days, alongside its first impressions of the device. Apple wants $899 for the display, which is just shy of Absolutely Insane… Read More

  • As LED Cinema Display approaches, Apple discontinues old display

    The 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display should be out any day now—Apple lists “November” as its release date—but at what cost? Well, at the cost of the 23-inch Cinema Display, which has been discontinued. Note that that 20- and 30-inch models are still on sale at Apple’s Web site, so all is not lost for those of you who detest glossy displays. (The new LED display… Read More

  • Elzo FlexScan 24-inch monitor has that there DisplayPort

    You’re looking at the Elzo FlexScan S2432W-H, a 24-inch monitor that comes out in Japan next month. Crazy, right? Maybe. The monitor is one of the first post-MacBook monitors to have a DisplayPort port. (Dell and HP released DisplayPort monitors earlier this year, mind you.) The WUXGA (that’s 1920×1200 pixels) resolution monitor will cost around $940, which is about $40 more… Read More

  • So where are the other MacBook Pro and MacBook screen size options? [Update]

    Good ‘ol Apple. The company announced brand-spanking new MacBook Pro and MacBook options today, but limited the new models to a single screen size each. Chances are, different screen size options will be announced during January’s MacWorld conference. More than likely the MacBook Pro line will receive the desktop replacement option of a 17-inch model while the MacBook line will gain… Read More

  • Rumor: New Apple Cinema Displays in 2009

    It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure out that the Cinema Displays are due for a refresh in the near future since no major modifications have been made since their debut in 2004. MacRumors is hinting that they’ve heard Apple will refresh the line with LED-backlighting at Macworld next January. That’s too far away to even think about right now. Read More

  • Apple Cinema Displays Take a Price Cut

    With the announcement of the expensive 8-core Mac Pro, Apple must have figured it needed a little spin to keep customers’ minds off of the high price. Now the Apple Cinema Displays have been given a price cut to make us feel all warm inside. You’ll now be able to snag a 20-inch Cinema Display for $599, a 23-incher for $899, and the grand ol’ 30-inch behemoth for a mere… Read More