• Review: Two smokeless cigarette solutions, Green Nicotine and Ploom

    I’m a bit of a smoker – cigars, mostly, and only when I feel like alienating all my friends – so I figured I’d try out some of these “electronic” cigarettes. I’ve already reviewed one similar to Green Nicotine, the SuperSmoker. However, Ploom is a bit different. Read More

  • Turn your old iPod into a cigarette holder

    Kiss your alveoli goodbye with this iPod+cigarette holder hack. There’s no instructions per se—merely open up your (previous generation) iPod, remove the insides, then stick your death sticks in there. It’s not so much a project as it is a reasonable way to conceal your unhealthy habit. “Oh, wow, neat retro iPod. What music do you have?” “None, I use it to… Read More

  • The Zarva Zippo: windproof mp3 player and 1GB lighter

    Yes, it is in fact both a lighter and an mp3 player. With only 1GB of space, you’ll probably only have enough music on it to cover your cigarette break, but if your cigarettes are an mp3 player too, you’re in better shape. Smoke ’em if you got ’em! Or not, if they’re not real. Read More

  • Electronic Cigarettes: All the Nicotine You Can Handle, None of the Cancer

    I’m no smoker because my parents raised me right, but there are millions of you out there who love your Lucky Strikes. Too bad that, you know, they cause cancer and everything. Realizing this, a Chinese company has developed electronic cigarettes, which fully replicate the act of smoking, complete with a physical cigarette, vapor and the satisfying, um, smoking part. Users of the eCig… Read More

  • Smokeless Ashtray Powered by USB, Guilt

    Smokeless ashtrays have been with us for a few years, they’re not new. By using either air convection or ionic attraction, they suck up the excess smoke caused by your cigarette to keep it from affecting those around your (or your PC). What is new is this USB-powered smokeless ashtray. It seems rather clear that this thing is geared toward old-school Unix programmers, as they tend to… Read More