• Exploring The “Labs” Trend in Consumer Startups

    Exploring The “Labs” Trend in Consumer Startups

    For those of us who studied (or suffered through) chemistry at some point in life, images from the chem lab inspire nostalgia (or dread). White lab coats. Protective goggles and gloves. Glass beakers and measuring cups. It is a place of experimentation. Students are given strict lab instructions, such as “Don’t mix baking soda and vinegar,” which many of course ignored. Read More

  • Gnonstop Gnomes Appear On iPhone And Android. Don't Try To Stop Them.

    The Gnonstop Gnomes are here and they cannot be stopped. Gnonstop Gnomes is the first mobile app to come out of Churn Labs, Omar Hamoui’s product lab that he started after he left AdMob/Google. Hamoui demoed Gnonstop Gnomes at Disrupt NYC (see video below) and today the app is available both in iTunes and the Android Market. The app is a real-world social game and photo-sharing app. … Read More

  • Churn Labs Startup Battlefield Presentation

    Introducing Omar Hamoui's First Project From Churn Labs: Gnonstop Gnomes

    When Omar Hamoui left Google a few months after selling AdMob to the search giant for $750 million, he set up shop with mobile engineer Mike Rowehl as Churn Labs. Today at Disrupt NYC, we get to see the first product churned out by the labs: Gnonstop Gnomes. Gnonstop Gnomes is part social game, part mobile photo app. You take pictures with your iPhone or Android camera and insert an image of … Read More

  • AdMob Founder Partners With Sequoia Capital On Next Venture: Churn Labs

    In December I wrote about how some successful entrepreneurs are starting incubators in a post called The Rise Of The Gentleman Hacker – “I’m hearing more and more about people who are simply setting up an office somewhere close to their multi-million dollar home in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, hiring a handful of hackers, and just building stuff to see what… Read More