• Chunghwa Telecom And Intel To Talk Smart TV Tech

    Does it strike you as a little bit late to start talks on smart TVs? Me too, but to be fair, this isn’t Chunghwa and Intel’s first time to the rodeo. Reports have the tech giants getting together for a friendly chat later in the month. I’m sure “what’s best for the consumer?” will be #1 on their agenda. Read More

  • Gigabyte's little M528 internet notelet joins n810, S6

    I liked the Nokia n810 when I saw it at last year’s CES, and now there’s a little more competition in the mid-size internet device area as Gigabyte enters the stage with the M528. Bigger than a full-touchscreen mobile phone but smaller than a netbook, these devices comprise a questionable subgenus of the compact computing market. The question is, does this device do anything my G1… Read More