chumby one

  • Turn a Chumby One into a 3G router

    If you can handle a bit of SSHing, it doesn’t take much work at all to exploit a Chumby One easter egg that turns the not-so-cuddly model into a 3G router. That’s pretty awesome. Of course since it’s not officially supported with a widget or software, there isn’t a GUI or any type of user interface. Here’s how you do it. Read More

  • Chumby One goes on sale for $99

    In case you’re one for hard lines and plastic over soft and cuddly, head over to the Chumby store and order yourself the new Chumby One. It’s way more advanced than the original model with a faster CPU, a lot more storage, FM tuner, and is half the price at only $99. But like I said before, I still want the older model. Read More

  • The Chumby One: More powerful, less cushy UPDATE

    The original Chumby was soft, cuddly, and cute. The new Chumby One is uptight, all-business, and commercial. I hate it. Read More