• Fiat Chrysler’s Portal concept is a van with a plan for autonomous driving

    Fiat Chrysler’s Portal concept is a van with a plan for autonomous driving

    Fiat Chrysler is getting ready for a future in which your vehicle is an extension of your living space with their new Portal concept car, which is debuting at CES this year. The Portal is an electric-powered vehicle with its own wireless network, Level 3 semi-autonomy standard and the hardware necessary for an upgrade to true Level 4 self-driving capability, and fold-flat/removable seating… Read More

  • Automakers aren’t really advertising electric vehicles

    Automakers aren’t really advertising electric vehicles

    There are more plug-in vehicles available now than there were a decade ago, and the sales of those vehicles are growing. Sales of electric vehicles are up about a third this year over last year, and November 2016 marked 14 consecutive months of record-setting EV sales in the U.S. And yet the grand total of all plug-in vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2016 (not counting December) was just shy… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Zuckerberg Gets One Step Closer to Jarvis

    Waymo gets 100 new Chrysler Pacifica minivans outfitted with Waymo technology, Starry raises another $30 million, Elon Musk wants to build tunnels because of his reaction to traffic, Zuckerberg gets us one step closer to Jarvis and 79 percent of Americans now shop online. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Attention nerds: Chrysler announces bug bounty program

    Attention nerds: Chrysler announces bug bounty program

    If you like poking, prodding, and proving big corporations wrong, has FCA US got a challenge for you. FCA US is the umbrella company for Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram, and it wants you to find potential vulnerabilities in their vehicles’ cybersecurity systems. And they’ll give you money for it. FCA US put its bounty program up on Bugcrowd, a community of cybersecurity… Read More

  • Uber and Fiat are in discussions to form a self-driving car partnership

    Uber and Fiat are in discussions to form a self-driving car partnership

    Uber and Fiat Chrysler are in talks about a partnership involving self-driving car technology, according to several reports. Bloomberg first published earlier today about a possible deal between the two companies, confirmed by Wall Street Journal sources. According to a person familiar with the matter, the discussions are in the very early stage and Uber is in conversation with a number of… Read More

  • Chrysler’s Solution To The Jeep Hack Is 1.4 Million USB Drives

    Chrysler’s Solution To The Jeep Hack Is 1.4 Million USB Drives

    You’ve probably read the WIRED story “Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It” by now. Either way, it was scary as hell. Today, the company behind Jeep has finally taken action and announced that it’s “recalling” 1.4 million vehicles because of what happened with WIRED’s Andy Greenberg. It’s not your typical recall… Read More

  • Your next Chrysler may have some NASA DNA

    In what seems to me a rather unexpected partnership, it looks like one of the USA’s most endangered car companies is teaming up with one of the USA’s most underfunded programs to create… I know not what. Chrysler is hoping to get some tips on battery technology and composite materials from the space program, and I’m guessing NASA will take what it can get when it comes… Read More

  • All-electric Fiat 500EV to hit U.S. in 2012

    Chrysler first showed this baby off at the Detroit Auto Show this year. Today, we received word that an all-electric version of the Fiat 500 platform should be available in only a couple years. How exciting! Read More

  • Apple Director Jerome York Passes Away At Age 71

    In a brief statement, Apple has announced that one of the company’s board members, Jerome B. York, has passed away. The veteran auto-industry executive was hospitalized in serious condition after a burst brain aneurysm this morning, according to the WSJ, and he apparently died soon after. York was chairman, president and CEO of Harwinton Capital. A former CFO of IBM and Chrysler, and… Read More

  • Step right up, get your plug-in Jeep

    Chrysler really threw their hat into the electric vehicle ring today, revealing not one, not two, but three electric or semi-electric vehicles. The one getting all the eyeballs, of course, is the Chrysler EV (real creative name there), which is all-electric, based on a Lotus Elise, and does 0-60 in five seconds. Of course, that one probably won’t ever enter production, or if it does… Read More

  • Chrysler to offer $499 EVDO car routers

    Instead of being stuck behind some A-hole driving 20 miles per hour under the speed limit while talking on his cell phone, you’ll soon be stuck behind a very similar A-hole trying to balance a laptop on his dashboard. According to, Chrysler’s parts division will begin selling “a Mopar car cellular/Wi-Fi hot spot, expected to be the first of many Internet offerings… Read More

  • Former Chrysler executive joins Tesla Motors

    Tesla Motors has hired former Chrysler Executive Michael Donoughe to oversee the company’s engineering and manufacturing processes as executive vice president. The 220 miles-per-charge electric Tesla Roadster that sells for more money than most people make in a year will soon be joined by a more consumer-friendly four door sedan. Donoughe should be well-suited for his new role, as… Read More

  • Chrsyler to offer in-car wireless Internet next model year, safety advocates freaking out

    Chrysler, the also-ran of the Big Three in Detroit, will offer in-car wireless Internet access beginning with 2009 model cars. The Los Angeles Times says it uses 3G, but doesn’t mention anything about those of us who live in areas without 3G coverage. The service, to be called UConnectWeb when it’s officially unveiled tomorrow, is aimed squarely at passengers—Chrysler… Read More

  • Chrysler to offer in-car Internet this year

    The third largest US automaker, Chrysler, will be the first car company to offer in-car Internet access. Web service will be provided via subscription from a wireless carrier and dealers will add the feature to existing cars this year. Upcoming fleets will roll off the assembly line Internet-capable. It remains to be seen whether or not Chrysler will integrate the Web browsing service into… Read More