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Co-writer of ‘Rick Roll’ song compares not being compensated by YouTube to exploitation of workers in the Middle East

<img src="" /><i>Waterman, whose fortune was estimated at £47 million by The Times in 2004, compared this treatment to the "exploitati

Guy proposes to his girlfriend with hacked Chrono Trigger ROM

Oh man, this is deeply nerdy. This fellow Phill’s girlfriend was playing Chrono Trigger using an SNES emulator, and he hacked the ROM she was using, adding an entire new area (“Koma Kulsha

Video: Chrono Trigger Nintendo DS trailer This is th

Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS: What's a shorter way to say ‘Oh God Yes!’?

So… Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, anyone? Right now, all that’s there is the clock from the game’s title sequence alongside the Nintendo DS logo, but that’s enough to get