Chrome will soon mark all unencrypted pages as ‘not secure’

Google’s Chrome browser will soon flag every site that doesn’t use HTTPS encryption. Starting in July, with the launch of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure&#8

Google Chrome could soon let you mute annoyingly noisy websites

Websites that auto-load videos with sound may soon be a thing of the past — or, at least, your days of having to put up with them could be. That’s because Google is testing a new option th

Google makes Chrome 15% faster on Windows

Google is currently making a concerted effort to make its Chrome browser faster and leaner. The company announced a project to bring down memory usage earlier this month, for example. But it also quie

Google Will Stop Supporting Chrome For Windows XP, Vista And Older Versions Of OS X By April 2016

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would still support Chrome on Windows XP through the end of 2015. The end of 2015 is getting closer and as Google announced today, so is the end of Chrome

Google’s Latest Chrome Update Emphasizes Speed And Lower Memory Usage

Chrome started out as one of the least memory hungry browsers on the market, but over time, it developed a bit more of an appetite for RAM. Now, however, Google is starting to get back to basics and

Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi, A New Browser For Power Users

Opera's former CEO Jon von Tetzchner is launching the first preview of Vivaldi today, a new Chromium-based browser that is squarely aimed at power users. Vivaldi features tools like Quick Commands fo

Yandex Gives Its Browser A Minimalist Makeover

Russian tech giant Yandex has launched a refreshed version of its Chromium-based browser that's been designed to make the browser itself feel less visible to web users.

OpenFin Raises $4 Million To Bring HTML5 Apps To The Financial Services Industry

Financial services-focused software developer OpenFin has raised $4 million in a new round of funding to help financial services firms update their technology infrastructure and junk the Bloomberg ter

Opera’s Chromium-Based Desktop Browser Exits Beta, But Still Lacks Major Features

After <a href="">a month of testing</a>, Opera's <a href="https://beta.

Torch Browser Passes 10 Million Monthly Active Users, Adds Download Accelerator, Updates Torch Music Service

The world of alternative browsers is littered with also-rans like <a target="_blank" href="">Rockmelt</a>, but there are also companies that have managed to make a

Opera Launches First Preview Of Its Chromium-Based Desktop Browser, Spins Off Email Client

Opera today launched the first preview version of its Chromium-based desktop browser for Windows and Mac since the company announced the switch from its own browser engine to Google's in February. Thi

Opera’s WebKit-Based Android Browser Exits Beta To Battle Apps For Users’ Attention

Browser maker Opera's first WebKit browser has exited beta. The full launch for the browser previously code-named Ice adds a few additional minor updates to the meaty feature-set demoed at the Mobile

Google Has Already Removed 8.8M Lines Of WebKit Code From Blink

Google's decision to fork WebKit and launch its own Blink rendering engine came as a surprise when the company made the announcement just over a month ago. Yesterday, at the Google I/O developer confe

Looks Like Google Is Working On A UDP Replacement Called QUIC

Francois Beaufort had a very good day yesterday. Not only did the leaked video of the Chromebook Pixel he discovered earlier this month turn out to be real, he also noticed that Google started work on

Opera Confirms “Gradual” Shift To WebKit — Starting With Smartphones — As It Clocks Up 300M Users

Browser maker Opera plans to move to using the WebKit engine, as well as Chromium, for "most" upcoming versions of browsers for smartphones and computers. Its first WebKit product is likely to be a br

Chrome, Chrome OS Updated With First "Elite" Bug Squashed

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-263227" title="3" src="" alt="" />As part of their effort to <a href="

With Chrome, Google Is Moving Towards Deeper Location Integration

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-254188" title="cc" src="" alt="" />It should be pretty clear by now that Google is taking location very

RockMelt Rolls Out Its First Big Update: Chromium 7, More Social, Better Gmail

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-247668" title="r" src="" alt="" />You remember <a href="">RockMelt</a>, right? A

RockMelt: A Browser Built For Sharing (First Hands On And 500 Exclusive Invites)

<img src=""> If you are going to create a new browser from scratch and go up against the Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple, you mi

Google Instant Hits Mac Chromium, Exits Labs On Windows — Full Chrome Feature Soon

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-231109" title="tc" src="" alt="" />A month ago, when Google unveiled <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.c
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