Microsoft Really Doesn’t Want You To Buy A Chromebook

About a week after posting its first anti-Chromebook “Scroogled” video, which features the cast of “Pawn Stars,” Microsoft is now back with a second video. But instead of revis

Google Will Soon Start Selling Chromebooks At Walmart And Staples, Other Retailers Coming Soon

Google sure isn't giving up on its <a target="_blank" href="">Chromebook initiative</a>, even though it's not clear that the company's Chro

Google Makes It Easier To Turn Its Chromebooks Into Public Internet Kiosks

Google always said that its Chromebooks were “for sharing,” but even though they always had a guest mode, they weren’t necessarily set up to be used as public Internet kiosks. Today,

The Chromebook Pixel Is The Most Brilliant Laptop You’ll Never Buy

“Wait. That’s a touchscreen?!” That wasn’t the first thought that popped into my head when I started to use the Chromebook Pixel -- it was about the tenth. But that’s only because it seem

Maybe Those Chromebooks Weren’t Such A Crazy Idea After All

When Google launched its Linux-based <a href="">Chrome OS</a> in early 2010 and its Chromebook <a ta

Google Says 2,000 Schools Now Use Chromebooks, 2x As Many As Just 3 Months Ago

Google continues its push to bring its web-centric <a target="_blank" href="">Chromebooks</a> into schools and it looks as if the

Acer’s $199 Chromebook Now Accounts For 5-10% Of All Of Its U.S. Shipments

Acer's <a target="_blank" href="">ChromeOS</a>-based <a target="_blank" href="">Chromebooks</a>,

Google Partners With To Bring $99 Chromebooks To Budget-Strapped Schools

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> a new program that aims to bring more Chromebooks to schools. The c

Google Makes A Pre-Holiday Marketing Push For Chromebooks With New Online, Times Square And Best Buy Ad Campaigns

We don't know much about how successful Google's Chromebooks really are. Outside of talking about their adoption in schools and businesses, Google has never released any detailed sales figures. Most a

Google Now Lets Businesses Rent Chromebooks For $30 Per Month

Google now lets companies <a target="_blank" href="">rent Chromebooks for $30 per month</a> and Chromeboxes for $2

Google: More Than 500 School Districts In The U.S. And Europe Now Use Chromebooks

It seems like schools are the one market where Google is having some success with its <a target="_blank" href="">Chromebook initiative</a>. Today, the comp

Google Brings ChromeOS To The Desktop, Launches Its First Chromebox

Google, together with its partner Samsung, <a href="">launched</a> a <a href="

FCC Documents Show Sony Chromebook, Potentially Running On ARM

Google's Chromebooks haven't exactly made a splash, but apparently not everyone has been scared off. Sony seems to think there's gold in them thar laptops, and they're making their own. For now it's k

Google: “Hundreds” Of Schools In 41 States Use Chromebooks

During this morning's keynote at the annual <a href="">Florida Educational Technology Conference</a> (FETC) conference in Orl

Samsung Chromebooks Drop In Price: Deadpool Or New Models? UPDATE

The long-awaited <a href="">Chromebooks</a> finally hit retails in June but they're already seeing significant price reductions. Both Acer and Samsung entered th

Acer's Chromebook Arrives This Month – 3G Version Soon

While Samsung’s sexy little Series 5 Chromebook is already shipping, a lot of people (“the people” meaning “people interested in Chrome OS,” which probably isn’t th

OMG/JK: The iPhone Empire Strikes Back?

<img src="" alt="" title="ar" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-318051" />This week's episode of <a href="

First Samsung Chromebooks Debut On… Gilt? (Update)

<img src="" />This is kind of a strange match. <a href="">Samsung's new Chromebook</a>

Chrome OS 12 — AKA: The Shipping Version — Hits Beta

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-303900" title="8_e_c_5_4_1_8_b_1_e_b_e_c_6_a_9_6_e_0_8_3_2_f_d_9_b_a_1_2_7_9_d" src="

Initial Thoughts On The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-303623" title="c" src="" alt="" />Google has finally made good on their promise to deliver Chrome OS to
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