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Spotify is developing ‘Community,’ a new place to see your friends’ activity in the mobile app

Spotify is developing a new feature called Community that would allow mobile users to see what sort of music their friends are streaming in real time as well as what playlists they’ve recently u

Spotify tests a TikTok-like vertical video feed in its app

TikTok has seen its short-form video feed copied by a host of competitors, from Instagram to Snap to YouTube and even Netflix. Now it looks like you can add Spotify to that list. The company has confi

Molly wants to use your online presence to create an automated knowledge base

Isn’t it frustrating when you ask a friend a question — like what’s your favorite restaurant in New York or what trips have you been on this year — knowing that these specific

Mobile Messaging Conjures A Commerce Platform

America is finally discovering what Asia has known for years: mobile messaging is a commerce platform.

Happy Birthday, Chris Messina, And Enjoy Advocating The Open Web At Google

<img src="" width="215" height="161" />It's <a href="">no secret</a> that

Next09: Video Interview With Chris Messina On The Current State Of OpenID

<img src="" width="160" height="200" />The last video interview I did at the <a href="">Next09</a> conference

Next09: Video Interview With Jyri Engeström (Jaiku / Google)

<img src="" width="133" height="200" />I just finished moderating a panel with Chris Messina and <a href="