Chrome OS Doubled Its Share Of Web Traffic Since Last September, Now At 0.2%

Last we heard, Chrome OS was quickly increasing its reach in the business world, but despite its recent advances, a new study by ad network Chitika shows that it still remains a niche product. Chrome

Report: Chrome OS Web Traffic Share Up 700% Since Last June, Still Just Accounts For 0.07%

According to a new report from ad network Chitika, Chrome OS usage continues to increase, but it still trails the PlayStation and the various flavors of Linux that the company sees on its network. Sin

Report: One Month After Launch, Mountain Lion Now Powers More Than 10% Of Macs

<a target="_blank" href="">Mountain Lion</a>, the latest version of Apple's OS X desktop operating system, <a href="

After Just 48 Hours, Mountain Lion Already Accounts For 3.2% Of Mac Web Traffic

Just 48 hours after its official launch, Apple's <a target="_blank" href="">Mountain Lion</a>, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, has already captured 3.2

Report: Google’s Chromebooks Account For Less Than .02% Of All Desktop Traffic

Google has been putting quite a bit of its weight behind its Chromebook initiative, but it's been rather quiet about how well these browser-centric laptops have been selling. Judging from <a target="_

iPad Sees Small Drop, Nook Tops Kindle Fire In New Tablet Traffic Rankings

Web traffic from the Apple iPad saw a slight drop in early June, according to new data from the <a target="_blank" href="">Chitika</a> Ad network, which analyzed a sample contai

Study: Apple’s iOS And Mac Platforms Drive The Most Search Requests; Linux the Least, Says Chitika

Google is the undisputed search giant at the moment, with some <a href="">92 percent of all searches</a> passing through its engines wo

Real-Time Research: iOS Dominates Over Android When It Comes To Usage, Says Chitika

Android, by most accounts, is proving to be the most popular smartphone platform when it comes to devices getting sold today -- partly due to the sheer variety of devices and price points that are out

Opt-Out Cookie Error Earns Chitika A Whopping 55 Cents And An FTC Inquiry

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Search-targeted advertising network Chitika  <a href="

Yahoo Publisher Network To Be Axed, Customers Referred To Chitika Instead

<img src="" /> We just received an anonymous tip from someone who claims to have received an email from <a href="">Yahoo</a>

Report: Bing Searchers Still More Click-Happy Than Google Searchers When It Comes To Ads

<img src="" width="215" height="162" /> Are people who arrive at a Website through an organic search on Bing more cl

Study: mobile, iPhone users half as likely to click ads than non-mobile users

<img src="" />New research performed by online search advertising company <a href="">Chitika</a> suggests mob

Study: Mobile (And Particularly iPhone) Users Not Keen On Clicking Ads

<img src="" width="171" height="167" />New research performed by online search advertising company <a href=""

When It Comes To Search, Bundling Bing In IE Barely Gives It An Advantage

<img src="" width="201" height="199" /> Back in the 1990s during the original browser wars between Netscape and Internet Explo

Are Bing Users 50 Percent More Likely To Click On An Ad Than Google Users?

<img src="" width="215" height="169" /> Are people who search on Bing more <em>commercial</em> than Google searchers? Acc