• Need A Good Dance? Here, Take This: The Best Music by George & Jonathan

    Remember Cave Story? Two dudes (George & Jonathan) have spent the last 5 years cranking out tunes using Cave Story’s music engine, Piston Collage — and hot damn, these are some ridiculous tracks. My foot was tapping within a few beats of the first tune; by the mid-way point, I was shaking my ass so hard that I’m pretty sure I was, for that brief moment, technically… Read More

  • SXSW 2008: Reformat the Planet, a documentary on chiptunes

    [photopress:sxswrtp.jpg,full,center] Ever hear of chiptunes? It’s s genre of music made using the blips and bloops of old video game systems. NES, Atari 800, GameBoy etc. The golden age of video games. Well as I was walking around the SXSW show floor, I saw this dude, GameBoy in hand, hooked up to a Marshall amp. Like, you expect power chords to come out of a Marshall amp, not GameBoy music. Read More