Apple unveils M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, featuring new Neural Engine and more

Apple this morning announced new MacBooks powered by the latest generation of its in-house, custom-designed PC chipsets. The chipsets — the M2 Pro and M2 Max — feature a more powerful CPU

Horizon Robotics, a Chinese rival to Nvidia, seeks to raise over $700M

In their rush to offer alternatives to advanced western chipsets, Chinese semiconductor companies are racking up large fundings from investors. Horizon Robotics, a five-year-old unicorn specializing i

SoftBank is reportedly bidding to buy chip giant ARM for $31 billion

SoftBank is bidding to buy chip giant ARM, one of the world's most influential technology companies, according to multiple media.

Intel's many-core pseudo-GPU CPU: Larrabee

I can be a chip-head sometimes when it suits me, but most of this discussion is way over my level of expertise. You can read the 16-page writeup over at Anandtech if you want, but you better be ready

Insider reports that Nvidia may quit the chipset business, Nvidia says no way

An insider at one of Taiwan’s motherboard manufacturers has reported that Nvidia called a meeting this week to discuss its future development of chipsets. The insider also stated that it’s a g

AMD Preps Its Own Notebook Chipset, Due Mid-2008

All the Santa Rosa news must have annoyed AMD and now it’s coming out a notebook chip platform of its own, code named Puma. The platform will consist of processors, GPUs and technologies, all of