Nintendo 3DS graphics chipset revealed

<img src="" />While Nintendo is normally very closed-mouthed about the actual hardware used in their systems, there has been some news

Should Apple go with an nVidia chipset this time around?

By now you’ve probably heard and re-heard the rumor that Apple is considering dumping Intel’s chipset (not the processor, mind you) for its next line of laptops. Now there’s reasonab

Make a DIY eee box with Intel’s Atom circuit boards

One of big trends in personal computers right now, are small notebooks that can handle basic computing tasks like browsing the Web and sending e-mail. Intel is hoping that this trend carries over to d

The Naked Pico-ITX challenge has begun

They were still taking bets when I heard about this about a week ago, but now the challenge has begun. For those of you not in the know, Technovoyance and VIA doing a stunt right now where they’

Samsung Announces New Mobile TV Chipset

Samsung just released details of a high-performance, multi-standard mobile TV chip, which would allow cellphone manufacturers to enable TV on their devices regardless of country or standard. With this