• Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone with Project Wing at Virginia Tech

    Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone with Project Wing at Virginia Tech

    Alphabet’s innovation lab X has a drone-focused team called Project Wing which has just announced a plan to commence aerial burrito delivery, in partnership with Chipotle, on the campus of Virgina Tech next week. Project Wing’s mission it to make fully autonomous, or self-flying drones, that can deliver anything to anyone. But the X team is focused, for now, on delivering… Read More

  • Beyond Tech IPOs Crunch Network

    Beyond Tech IPOs

    Technology darlings like Uber, Pinterest and Airbnb may be taking their time on the way to exit, but that doesn’t mean IPOs aren’t happening. They’re alive and well in the consumer space — from food brands to premium pet food and retail establishments. So why are these companies pursuing IPOs — and finding success in the markets — while tech companies… Read More

  • Pixels And Salsa: Adobe And Chipotle Play Gowalla's Game

    As location continues to garner a lot of buzz, more and more brands are thinking about innovative ways to use it for promotion. We’ve seen dozens of brands sign up with Foursquare to promote things, and they’re starting to embrace Gowalla in a major way too. The latest three are: Adobe, Chipotle, and the New Jersey Nets. Today at his Where 2.0 talk in San Jose, CA, Gowalla CEO… Read More

  • The Case Of The Missing Burrito Comes To A Close As Chipotle Returns To The iPhone

    Last January, the iPhone was graced with one of its greatest applications yet (at least, for burrito lovers): a native Chipotle app, allowing users to order their meals online for easy pickup. But the joy was to be shortlived — within hours after appearing on the App Store, the Chipotle application was pulled, sparking The Case Of The Missing Burrito. Given the TechCrunch… Read More

  • Chipotle Ordering iPhone app means less talking, more eating delicious burritos

    If you’ve never eaten at Chipotle, you don’t know what you’re missing. Really – make it a priority. They’re the only restaurant I’ve ever gone out of my way to contact, just to say “Hey! You should really open up a location in my town”. I’m confident that I could singlehandedly eat that place into a profit. Now its gotten even better. Next… Read More

  • The Case Of The Missing Burrito

    This morning the iPhone App Store was graced with what amounted to the Holy Grail for some burrito lovers: Chipotle on the iPhone. Using the new application, users were able to customize their orders to spec, checking off their favorite beans, meats, and toppings, all to be sent instantly to a nearby restaurant for pickup. The story has been covered by dozens of blogs, and is currently on… Read More