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How to implement an actionable data ethics framework

It’s never too late to create and implement a data ethics framework, but the best step a company can take is implementing this framework from the outset of the business.

Extra Crunch roundup: NS1 EC-1, Pakistan’s tech ecosystem, SPACs bonanza

Just like NYC's flooded subway system, internet infrastructure doesn't attract much attention until there's a notable failure.

The secret to trustworthy data strategy

To avoid common data insight killers, leaders can ensure their strategies identify key needs, prioritize, make their partners’ workflows better — and ultimately serve customers.

Volunteer group develops a COVID-19 testing location database for the U.S.

The effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic globally relies on testing as a core component of the current strategy, which primarily focuses on isolating individuals to slow the transmi

Could lessons from the challenger bank revolution kick-start innovation on the climate crisis?

Now that the world is swimming in data we may be able to address the climate and environmental risks to the planet. But while there is plenty of capital to invest in things like ClimateTech, a lot of

Another chapter on Facebook’s privacy woes is being written in Latin America

Felicitas Carrique Contributor Share on X Felicitas Carrique is an Argentinian reporter focused on media, technology, and innovation. The abuse of Facebook’s platform for political purposes is a

Why the Trump administration needs a chief data officer

After President-elect Trump’s surprising win, a narrative has emerged that the stunning result was a loss for big data. “Tonight, data died,” Republican strategist Mike Murphy said on MSNBC. In

To succeed in IoT, hire a chief data officer

For many businesses, ownership of the Internet of Things lies within a number of C-suite titles. But IoT demands an interdisciplinary approach, whether the desired outcome is to streamline internal pr