Chiba Institute Of Technology

  • Videos: Teen-Size Humanoid Hajime Is Playing Soccer

    The Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan has developed a humanoid it plans to send to RoboCup Japan Open 2011, a soccer tournament for robots that will be held in Osaka next month (we covered the event in two posts last year). Named “Hajime Robot 31”, the humanoid stands a respectable 1m tall, weighs just 5kg and comes with 17 joints. Read More

  • Videos: Bipedal Robot Vehicle Core

    I’m telling you, Terminators are just around the corner. Just look at what a team of researchers at Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) has developed: a very cool robotic vehicle that stands on two legs. Dubbed core [JP], it’s an impressive 1,915mm tall and weighs 230kg. Read More

  • Video gallery: Chiba Institute Of Technology's awesome robots

    Like many Japanese institutions of higher education, the Chiba Institute Of Technology boasts a faculty or laboratory, which conducts research on nothing but robots. This particular institute’s Department of Advanced Robotics [JP] has been pretty much flying under the radar in recent years, but the department opened a very interesting YouTube channel recently. And some of the robots… Read More

  • Videos: Super-mobile rescue robot Quince

    This is one of the coolest rescue robots I’ve ever seen. Meet Quince, jointly developed by Japan’s International Rescue System Institute, Tohoku University and the Chiba Institute Of Technology. The eight-wheeled robot may not look like much, but it’s actually very impressive when you see it in action. Quince is supposed to help humans during “CBRN”-type… Read More