• Lets You Create Cool Online Business Cards In A Matter Of Minutes

    Have a personal domain name but not sure whether you should have it redirect to your blog, Facebook profile, LinkedIn or Twitter account? Lacking the time or skills to set up a web presence of your own where you can point to all of them at will? is here to save the day. Inspired by the look of the personal web page of interface designer Tim Van Damme, the team over at Harkness Labs set… Read More

  • Lets You Own And Keep Your Web Identity All In One Place

    Are you a chump for putting all your data on social networking and media sites and not having any real control over it? thinks so. is a service for owning and managing your online identity, and is now open to the public. Previously in private beta, ( which stands for Content Hub & Identity Management Platform), allows people to bring together their presence on from… Read More